Wisdom from Luke #2

Do not forget about my Luke 🙂 adult humour fiction

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#2 Personality – first, boobs – later!

That’s a tricky wisdom, my friend. Of course you have to read it backwards “Boobs- first, personality – ah, can’t hear you, what did you say?” 

How to make it happen more quickly? Yes, time is a money and most of us would like to jump to the boob-action at once. We are smart enough to check her personality in-between-the-process, right?

First of all if she looks like this…- it is probably a really BAD decision. But I know what your mind are telling you when you see my girl – “Get the f@ck over here!”

giphyStep 1: Show her you are falling for her amazing mind, personality, soul and compassionate heart. Never argue and do not ask stupid questions like “What do you want for a Valentine, darling?” She don’t know. But she can go mad if she don’t get…

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