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Morning routine/ Ayurveda

Any yoga-program consists from the following exercises:

1. Dharana (focus). You can’t start yoga without dharana.
2. Pranayama (controlling breathing).
3. Vinyasa (it is a sequence of movements connected with the breathing, to create a free flow of the life-energy)
4. Yoga:
a) Therapeutic asana-sequences ( if you have a disbalance or diseases)

 b) Asana-sequences which balance your element/dosha
5. Dhyana (brings awareness without focus and moves us from a state of doing to being…)

First of all you have to know your dosha. I’d advice to take 2-3 different online-tests. They are free. 

Today I’m going to talk only about Dharana and Pranayama. If you’ll start tomorrow or next week – practice it every day at least 8 weeks.  Best – in the morning. The practice takes only 10- max 15 min.


Sit in a Diamond Position (on your heels):

If you are Vata (as a dominant dosha):

  • count from 21 to 0. When you are coming to 0 – imagine that you have a seed in your hand, and you are planting that seed in the garden. Imagine, step by step, how it grows (kinda like in a very quick movie), give it a water, check how it grows, until you see a flower (choose any). Stay in this moment a few seconds. Feel the happiness.

If you are Pitta:

  • count from 21 to 0. Imagine you are on the beach. The sand is yellow, the water is turquoise, behind you the emerald- green palms. Feel the wind from the sea on your skin, feel the waves coming and leaving. Listen the sound of the waves.
    Breathe in – hold 2 sec – breathe out – hold 2 sec ( repeat 4-6 times)
    Stay in the moment a few seconds, on that imaginary beach. Feel the happiness.

If you are Kapha:

  • count from 21 to 0. Imagine you are a kid and you are running towards the top of the hill, with a colourful dragon in your hand. Imagine that you are on the top now and feel the strong wind. Feel the tension of the thread you are holding in your hand. Focus on that thread and let your imagination climb up, up, up…high …and then look down at the earth. Stay in this moment a few second. Feel the happiness.

Usually takes 3-5 minutes, no more (like a quick movie inside of your head). The eyes should be shut.

Lie down in a ‘dead position’ or SAVASANA

1. For vata ( look at the photo below): Breathe in = belly up; breath out = stomach down. 5 minutes. Long deep breathing. When you are breathing out – make it a bit longer. For example breathe in (count 8) – breathe out (count 12, if you can later – 16)

2. For pitta ( look at the photo below ): Breathing in and out very slowly. The position with a pillow should be comfortable, palms of the hands – up. 5 minutes

3. For kapha (look at the photo bellow): The elbows – at 90 degrees. Breathe in and feel like your chest explodes, muscles are stretching – breathe out and feel like you are pressing out all the air from your lungs. 5 minutes.

Next time I’ll tell more about Vinyasa. Good luck!
The program is taken from Janesh Vaidya book “Yoga is my therapy” (swedish)

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  1. My husband is into all this. I m not at all. My grandpa used to do it. He did it for nearly 40 years. With all that he could levitate himself to the extent that we used to think he is a magician 😂 we were very small kids at the time.

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  2. Sunshine Ray…this is inspiring and very detailed…
    I have started to learn calesthenics…but consistency is difficult to keep up…need to work on that


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