Writing is not for the Weak

“…unless the sun inside you is burning your gut, don’t do it!” Charles Bukowski
A very simple, but cool post to remind you, how STRONG you all are, those who writing…

Sudesna (Sue) Ghosh

My favourite aunt would call me Miss Ekhunni. In Bengali, that means Miss Now. She meant that I wanted everything RIGHT NOW. Whether it was a pair of shoes or a  book, I’d seldom wait. But then I became a writer. Patience became a part of my life. I had no choice. My first two books were traditionally published, so the whole process from first draft to final draft and approval and FINALLY the finished paperbacks, turned me into the Queen of Patience.

There are days when I’m ready to stop calling myself a writer, but that negative feeling wears off within 24 hours when I realise that  the world of writing and books is the only world I love. You see, writing is not for the weak. There will always be a writer whose books sell more copies than yours. There will always be people who smirk when they…

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  1. D*mn straight it’s not for the weak- or the lazy. Or for those who think they need to do the laundry first, THEN write. And she is right, IMHO, about not haunting other people’s sites; it can be disheartening when you see what you think is inferior work, but it’s still getting comments and likes when your work is sitting unnoticed. You need to search other sites smartly, but not constantly. Stop and look around once in a while, but the rest of the time- do whatever you think makes YOU special.

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  2. Again thank you a million times over, you have a way of thinking outside the box with your posts and that is a really good thing at this time. Keep the movement going on your writings and I look forward to seeing more from you in the comings days…

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    • My writings r awful by the way, each time I read them I see like thousands mistakes …but I just move further. What can I do? If I sit and fix all mistakes – nothing will be done. And nothing will be posted..and most important nothing will be created. So I have to choose: stick to nothing or just write :))