Macro or Micro Writing?

I’d go for MACRO WRITING 🙂 what you think folks: Single Topic or Multi Topic for your blog?

The Soans Times

I came across this article. It proved to be an inspiration. When I look back at life I do wonder what would have happened if I had to get into humanities rather than finance. Writing is something that has always attracted me. I love the way that random words can be put together to create an immortal thing of beauty. Don’t get me wrong. I love finance. I love the way the markets dance like lovers under a starry sky. Sometimes they tread on each other’s toes and sometimes they seem to glide like shimmering silk. Getting into finance is like being bitten by a vampire. It changes your life forever. The thrill of seeing the decisions you make paying off. The disappointment of looking at lost opportunities. The new things you learn every day.

Writing is like watching life being born as soon as your fingers come off…

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  1. i write here only for fun, lots of topics, but for those who focus on a single topic, good for them. i don’t care if the monetized blogs are here as well. i just wish they wouldn’t like or follow me, spam wise.


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