Looking for recognition? Here’s the way.

“As facing the sea reveals the sky
and facing the sky reveals the sea
facing my soul reveals your soul”
Xiaobo Liu

I know WHY I’ve got this award! Because the blogger who nominated me would like to keep me in shape. Ha!
Story: when I’ve tried to find my award – I had to scroll from a page 1 to 12. Well… 

Thanks for a big heart and a great care Daily FlabberGast

1.Can stereotypes be good?
I guess. But I don’t know. I have to google it. I don’t think about such questions on a daily basis. Frankly, I don’t think on a daily basis at all…

2. How old would you want to be when you die and why?
Depends on my health. Hopefully I’ll stay here for 100 years or more.
I do believe I’ll get back again on the Earth. Like a mosquito. Lol
Noooo, only like a good human being 🙂

3. What is your favorite way of working out/ staying active?
Yoga. Gym.

4. What is one suggestion you would give to someone who wants to make more friends?
Go on the trip. Alone. To South Asia. Start in Sri-Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia etc.. 

5. Would you be able to live far from civilization and why?
Maybe days, or 1-2 weeks. But I dont think I’d like to live far from the people. I love people. I love go to cafe, bakery…sit and observe. 

6. Do you believe honesty is the best policy and why?
I guess so. But with my mum I’m pro-liar (she worries too much). Otherwise I’m kinda straight – forward.
Why? I think everything depends on the situation and a lie. At least for me. 

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  1. #5 was interesting. What is civilization? I hated being without working water. I detest not having good internet. I love to people watch-no matter where they are, but especially if they are fishing. Curious idea—

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    • Yes, thanks, the awards allows me to tell what/who I am 🙂 and I think many ppl can relate with my answer “lying to parents”, bcz even the most modern and open-minded parents r still worrying TOOOOO MUCH 😂😬

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