Affirmations in the pictures

Affirmations. What they are? It is a statement said with confidence about a perceived truth. 
Why should we use them daily? Because an affirmation can work as it has the ability to program your mind into believing the stated concept. This is because the mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real or fantasy.

Enjoy affirmations in the pictures. For one of the paintings I’ve used a ‘caricature’/cartoon made by Sergey Korsun.
Its a quick watercolour – sketch from me to you, girls. For guys next week maybe. 

1. I am a pure beauty. My face and body are beautiful expression of my individuality.

2. I carry strength and resilience with me. As well as the begs…

3. I am worthy of love, peace, joy and a good bed.

Next post – Book Review “Blame” Jeff Abbott, February 3


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  1. Dang! Look at you!! You’re a very talented artist 😍 my boyfriend paints too and is an artist by profession that’s why I alway admire people like you guys who give so much justice to art. Your paintings portray humour and so much love! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ post more of your artworks plsss 😉

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  2. Affirmations….about a perceived truth. Deep…most of us just keep running all our lives, looking for affirmations…one just needs to perceive the truth from right perspective to cut this unending chase.

    PS: Your abstract caricatures are quite pithy.

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