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“Your frame of mind” Part 1

We all have a very high expectations in this life. We dream about living in happiness and peace, but in reality these dreams are mostly the fantasies in our minds. After a stressful day we are dreaming of the peaceful sunrise on the next morning; after each exhausting week we are looking forward to the next week; and after a long year we are waiting for the next one, constantly hoping – “No! It will come now! Nooowww!” – the moment when our life feels meaningful.

Instead of starting to work immediately to fulfil our dreams, we are waiting for the right time.
Here’s the story about a man who went down to the beach to start the trip to the island of his dreams. The man built a boat and then waited at the beachside for the right time to leave… But the winds were too heavy, so the right time never came. He sat there, weeks and months, dreamed about the day when he was going to cross the ocean.
The years went by… and the man became old and died on the beach. 

This story teach us:
1. Time is precious and we have to try things now! 
2. Make life an adventure and dare to make brave decisions!
3. Have a dream and live for it!

Only those people who are prepared to LOSE in life – will WIN.
Only those people who are prepared to TAKE RISKS and GET LOST on the roads – will GET new experiences and become brave enough to REACH THEIR DREAMS.



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Want to know what time is best for you to start fulfilling your dreams? It is now.

Build the boat with the material you have. Make the journey over the waves (or your life situation), so you come to the island (the dream) before you’ll die. Be proud of your efforts! Use your own experiences and do not follow the advice of other people, because their experiences are different from yours.

Dharana – exercise:

Step 1. Prepare for the trip
Believe that right now is the right time in your life to get closer to your dream and prepare for your trip!

Step 2. To find your life’s dream – that’s your goal!
We all have the ability to dream. Stimulate your mind to build a dream or grab a dream you already have. Then keep your eyes on that dream even if you are fighting against the waves (your living conditions right now).
As you stand on the beach of your life – you see your dream first like a blurred island far-far away, somewhere in the middle of the ocean. If you constantly focus on the island of your dreams, the waves will calm down in front of your eyes and you will be able to see it clearly.

Step 3. Find the resources – the material to build the boat.
No matter what background and what talents you have – you need to consider what kind of the resources you have. You will use them to build the boat that will take you to the island of your dreams.
For example, you want to be a photographer. And you are dreaming about your first exhibition. Becoming an artist is your vision, but the exhibition is your goal and this last one you have to write down as your real dream.
Write down also – what is unique in your ideas and plans for photography, the ideas that make your work different from other artists. Finally, try to find resources to complete the dream.

Step 4. Take a courageous decision NOW and get closer to your dream!
Fill the tank and start the journey! 

The only thing that can prevent you from making this trip is your own mind, and the only person who can command you to wait on the beach is yourself.

From Janesh Vaidya book “Ayurveda for your mind” 

Next post – Affirmations in pictures 



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  1. Great post, it’s always good to remind ourselves to just do it! I have just read a quote by Warren Buffet – ‘The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything’ i.e. focus on what you really want and say no to the things that distract you and stop you from doing what you really want.

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  2. “Watchful amongst the unwatchful, awake amongst those who sleep, the wise man like a swift horse runs his race, outrunning those who are slow.” (Buddhist Dhammapada chapter 2)

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  3. Well written and articulated. As I sail in the seas of emotion, I sail toward peace, seeking knowledge that is applicable to become wisdom used. Your blog has assisted in my endeavor. Glad I ran across your blog. thanks and let’s dream into action!

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  4. Really good post. I have a idea I’ve wanted to peruse for a very long time funds and lack of equipment and a lack of confidence have always been obstacles I haven’t been able to overcome. But I’ve decided to put to use what I have whilst I can. And suck it up and push that fear to one side. Reasons should never become excuses.

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  5. Yes, yes, but if I all my life had a dream to live in Tuscany one day, I seriously doubt I’d be here now. Really. I always found Italians a bit… … ……. how to say it politely… difficult. 😀 Actually, that was my mom’s first sentence after saying I’m going to Italy: “But you don’t even like Italians!” About that photo exhibition… mmmm I’m listening!

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