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“Gone Girl” of Wordpress

How to succeed online if you are still a Dinosaur? I don’t know.

If you visited my page the last 2-3 days, you’ve noticed the changes I’ve made. Also I have placed the adds on the posts. And of course I made a smart-ass choice to go with the Google AdSense. I spent almost 3 hours by fixing-and-tricking AdSenses, I’ve jumped between “plans” back & forth. After all those long hours, I have finally arrived on the Earth with a feeling of frustration, because I’ve got zero people visiting my page.

It was like a Sahara, but only worse. Totally GONE GIRL – page.

I went to The Reader and I’ve followed, commented (as I usually do), but nothing happened…I was The Invisible Blog. In the middle of the day I felt like I’m totally alone on wordpress. Ouch! Of course I could communicate with a people who already followed me, but thats all. 

Let’s move to the next problem: it took ages for my page (with GAdsense and kinda “Optimisation-program”) to download on web-browser.  I even went to check how quickly my downloading-speed is and it was 2,93 sec (in Swedish area of the world). But before Adsense-adds I had no such issues. At all.

Enough? Nooooo. My published posts suddenly disappeared on the WordPress Phone App. I’m never writing from the app (because its crushing at least 5-10 times a day). But I’m using it for commenting and checking of my published/or scheduled posts. 

To make long story short, I’ve contacted WordPress support and found out that if I want to be seen on the “Reader” again – I have to switch to my older plan. Of course I did. But I’ve lost one post and most of the ‘featured pictures” on my page. I’m trying to fix it now, still 15 posts are hanging with a default photos. So if you’ll suddenly arrive on my page and do not recognise the pics – KNOW, thats a GONE RAY trying to fix his mistakes. 

I want only the best for this blog. It’s very important for me and I really like all the people around. I know they feel a bit unhappy when I’m posting a “motivational” bullshit, but I have to tell you – I like different styles and genres. 

Also one more detail – the hobbies. I’m always writing that one of my hobbies is DRAWING or PAINTING. And yes, it is true.

But it is not my passion.

I mean if I see a pen and the notebook – I won’t run to draw the images. And if you’ll ask me how many of my drawings I have at home – I’m going to tell you honestly: 2.
I do not draw in my spare/free time. Maybe 2-3-max 4 times a year. 

Why I’m telling you that? Because a lot of people think if I’m saying “painting” – I have to hide a huge collection of my drawings somewhere in the closet. Nope. There’s none. I prefer to read. Or to write.

Oh, one more thing. There is no conveyor belt in this story. (daily-prompt word)

Have a great day ahead! 



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Living in Sweden. Awesome. Happy. Ayurvedic food. Healthy lifestyle. Dogs. Literature. Painting. Meditation/Yoga. I love my life.
"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

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  1. Awesome rant Ray. 😀 You do what you like and love. My precious comment about motivational stuff can be disregarded in total. If you like writing, don’t let me or anyone else tell you what to write. If I have made you uncomfortable, I am sorry.

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    • By the way the post disappeared (support-staff told me it will) but then appeared again lol from nowhere, without any comments and featured pic haha
      No problems. I’m following my blogging plan and mindfulness + ayurveda + some motivational bullshit = have to be posted. So…enjoy!
      At least now I know how to make Adsense adds and maybe next year I’ll do that, move to Google Ads. Depends on the traffic. Min 2000-3000 a day.

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  2. There are various issues sometimes with the post publishing and all I’m WordPress…even in my free plan of wordpress most of the time my posts don’t appear on reader…
    PS: ur writing style is unique and doesn’t matter the genre u write , there is always a style of Ray in all of such posts and so it makes awesome reads…


  3. My dear girl, I have managed to lose myself!!!!! I haven’t gotten any emails saying posts are being posted. Yahoo is a butt today. I don’t use gmail cuz google links everything together and it annoys me.
    I actually love working with WP. They always help me and manage to make things better. I’ve got blogs elsewhere and most of them frustrate the heck out of me. I finally ditched the one I had on Weebly. (I have other blogs cuz I was looking for a forum that seemed to work the best!)
    Followers happen. I have a couple of followers I started following and their numbers went up. Mine don’t do all that much, I don’t care. I’m only in it for the ability to talk to someone! (laughing out loud!)

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    • Oh I have some “kind of blogs” in other platforms but using them only to boost my RayNotBradbury blo haha yes it’s a great blogging place, I agree with u, Kris 🙂
      Some days are messy like that…but at the end – there’s always a great ppl or help or smile or dog (cat?😂😉) around…

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    • Oh I have so many gram mistakes – ppl will get tired by checking each of them 😂
      I don’t talk English often, only when traveling:)
      But go ahead…any method is a good one 🙂
      Ps. I have zero memory lol especially for words :/


      • ok. i won’t make a habit of it. but since i noticed a couple:

        Of course I could communicate with a people [no “a”]

        To make long story short [add an “a”]

        I’ve always wondered about letting an author know about typos. Now that I’ve finally reported a couple, I can get on with my life.


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    • So nice of you to ask. I usually do not. I just go ahead and correct. I have some people who are ok with it (i.e. typos happen and they are grateful and happy to fix it), and some who say they don’t care. I give the non-native speakers a break.

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      • Thanks for a break…just wanted to type “the break” because …yeah, right :)) doesnt make any difference to me.
        I never correct even in my native language (Im a teacher lol), but I had a friend who always corrected my accentuation in the words :))

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    • yes, I think I’d get back to Adsense later some way. Their adds are beautiful and u can build (very easy) how it will look and where the add will appear.
      The most important thing for a start – to get a traffic. I’d advice 1000 views a day. It doesnt matter much if u’ll get a click on ur adds or no (but for a click is a better payment i guess), but it should be a regular traffic (the more the better but no less than 1k views a day, best if it’s 2-3-4k on a regular basis)
      U have to change the plan as well and a theme sometimes too (to adapt better for adds)…u have a very beautiful theme, btw.
      In general thats all for the beginning. and of course you’ll disappear from the WordPress Reader Flow, nobody will see ur page. haha


      • Then no meaning to start …if u want Google Adsense adds u have to make a blogging ur goal – and 1000 views is a must. Mmm, maybe u can drive a traffic to the page? Then forget about blogging daily. But only if u r a pro in that field 😉


      • Tips – time. Bcz we can’t drive traffic via net (we don’t know anything about it lol) – we can do only usual: blog each day (or at least 4-5 times a week), post about ur blog on all soc media U’ve got. If u have any other blogs – link there. Actually link to ur blog on any other blog-platform haha
        Link on forums as well (if u r registered on any). Comment. I comment maybe 100-150 times a day lol I follow new blogs as well (via reader), every MORNING! At least 50-60. I’m getting usually 25-35 follows back now (daily). So as I said – it takes time. Every day. If u’ll survive with such schedule one year – u can get about 5,5-8,5k followers. But it’s fkn tough…
        I have also a job…and a family and I have to cook from scratch daily and I have dogs (ppl have kids), and many of us writing books…but it’s all about ur goal. And determination and desire to get there..


  4. I should write something here!
    …Wordpress often causes trouble,Hmmm…
    Yesterday, I wrote about Hillary. Then, Laptop froze and the Google translation function stopped!
    Today, I fixed it after upgrading !!XD
    Have anice day!
    Japan snowing,soooo Cooooooooooooooooold(T T)

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  5. So here is the deal, by the way I’m a dictator and you people are above me, since I am a complete age man when it comes to this new world of information technology, I had to eve look up what technology meant, so you WILL work for me into making my blog better. I can’t say much about my writing but at least have a nice cool looking blog. You have no options, as I said I’m a dictator.

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  6. Im sorry to hear about it dear, but I am pretty sure WordPress support could hep you out. Thats totally unlike for a platform like this to behave in such manner. Anyways, I am absolutely sure of your efforts and everything will fall back into place. Just keep at it. We all are with you 🙂


  7. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. 😦 Also, I must tell you that I don’t see any ads on your page, merely words like
    // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); but this must be because of my adblock.

    I know how it feels to be the gone girl on WordPress whenever a post of mine goes by barely noticed. It must be doubly hurtful if you pay. I wish that it all settles for you, and that you don’t become too commercial, throwing mascaras and foundations in my face all of a sudden. That would really hurt. 😀

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    • If I’d know anything about a mascara hahaha 😂😂
      When I’m in that kinda store I’m always thinking: how ppl even know what kind of color to choose (for the face for example, makeup etc)
      Oh god, yes, I know, some kind of shit happening with the ads lol but let’s see how it goes next week.
      🎈☕️😀 and I’m sure it will be fine at the end 🙂

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    • Lol 😂 it is so here sometimes:)
      + weekends are not so good time 🙂 ppl r usually relaxing with friends or family, hanging out… anyway u have to go to Reader* and write in the field a word: for ex books or beauty …there u can find new blogs and communicate and follow/get followers. It takes time, depends on your theme and content;)

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  8. Yikes!!!!! So many mishaps!!!! I’m feeling so bad for you!!!! Hoping you can get this all straightened out. You need some new mojo!!!! Sending lots of positive energy your way!!!!!! You know we’d all be sad… if your post vanished. :0 Glad you’re back!

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  9. Have you tried posting a link on Twitter? Maybe that would get you some visitors. I started my WordPress site a few days ago this month. I’ve gotten a small amount of visits thanks to pinging and Twitter. The hardest part of building a site is promotion and getting visitors. It can get really frustrating. Oh I almost forgot you might want to add link to your WordPress site from your YouTube channel and any other platforms that you have. Keep the faith and good luck.

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