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Mr Appetite loved his job. Why? Because of the location of his office – on the opposite side of the local bakery.
Each morning Mr Appetite stopped by for a small chat with Ms EatMeWhole, mostly to share the local gossips, while drinking a double espresso with a dozen of warm cinnamon rolls. He was a Chief of The Police in the small town called Hunger.

“We are going to be open a little bit longer today, we’ve got a gigantic order from Ms Gluttony,” – told him vigourusly-red-cheeked Ms EatMeWhole.

“…that lady who arrived from France last week?”

“I’ve heard only nice things, but never met her personally. Seems she is also the lover of cinnabons. Just like you. She ordered 155 to pick up at 2pm and then 138 at 4 pm,” – Ms EatMeWhole carefully placed her breasts on the counter. One after another.

Chief of The Police have to be always ‘on guard’! He’ve noticed the move and got up.
“A massive amount of job on my desk today! Bye-bye, ” – said he politely on the way out. He ran across the street to his hi-tech-computer to check the last “wanted”-list from the Interpol. Ms Gluttony wasn’t there.
“She could change the name…I feel the smell of a dealer. A dealer of cinnamon rolls in my city. I’m going to be famous!”

Ms EatMeWhole watched him running from the dirty window of the bakery: “A whale of my bed! Ahh, already exercising. Ammoouurrrr!” 


Mr. Appetite was standing near Ms Gluttony’s door with a superhero-attitude “Decision is made! Do not stay on my way!” He knocked on the door. Nobody answered. The smell of the baking goodies was too inviting.

He pulled out a gun and pushed the door. Someone was in the kitchen.
“Hands up in the air!”
The woman slowly turned her head:
“What a lovely surprise! I was just checking on my cinnabons…”

Ms Gluttony? Forgive me, Miss, but I was sure there’s a thief in the house. We’ve never been introduced,” – and Mr Appetite slapped his belly, – “The Chief of The Police of the Hunger-Town”

Ms Gluttony looked delicious. Too delicious. 

“What a wonderful surprise, mon ami!”


Ms. EatMeWhole looked at the skinny old lady near the counter with annoyance.
“You’ll get 2 extra tomorrow, Mrs Gluttony!
“Only 2? I’ve ordered 138 cinnamon rolls to 4pm, and now when I’m here to pick up them – theres only 137. Young lady I’d like to talk to your Manager!”

Ms. EatMeWhole slowly went to the phone and called to her chef Mr. SweetTooth. She explained the situation while looking at the dark windows of the Police Station. “If only Mr Appetite was here…”- she sighed. She was dreaming about the last saturday night: she and Mr Appetite in the bed, sharing the breakfast:

FRIED CHICKEN AND WAFFLE, BISCUITS & SAUSAGE, A PIE with a 22 layers of eggs, cheese, mushrooms, onions, peppers, bacon, toast, hasbrowns, grits, and a short stack of pancakes. HUEVOS RANCHEROS and CORNED BEEF HASH WITH POACHED Cinnamon Roll on the Top!

“I’m waiting for my extra rolls!”- shouted Mrs Gluttony.
“I’ll give you 14 extra tomorrow morning, my ravenous Mrs Gluttony,” – pronounced on the french manner the voice from the stairs. It was the manager – Mr SweetTooth.

“I gonna die before tomorrow. It’s an emergency!”


When Mr Appetite opened his eyes – he couldn’t say a word. For the first time in his entire life he was out of the breath. Ms Gluttony was still jumping on his belly like insane horse, groaning “Cinnamon! I want my cinnamon roll!”

“Your hospitality is beyond the imagination of the inhabitants of this city,” – whispered Mr Appetite. As he expected, Ms Gluttony have finally found something that reminded her of a sweet roll and was hysterically eating THAT thing with a most vocourus pleasure he’d ever seen.

“Is it some french sex-secret?”
“Indeed it is, Mr Appetite. Let me lick all over you!”
“You’ve got a very enthusiastic tongue, Ms Gluttony!
“You can’t even imagine…”
And she laughed.

He lost the time.


The trousers were gone. As well as the boxers. Mr. Appetite heard a weird noise from the kitchen.
“Ah, what an adorable creature this Ms Gluttony! I probably should marry her! Who’d ever say ‘no’ to the session of such passionate love-making?”
He winked to his tired “Bon”, hanging down to the knees. Seems Ms Gluttony worked out a lot on the front of love!

The kitchen was dark and the silhouette near the fridge was to busy to notice a naked horny chief of the police.
Mr Appetite hugged the woman from behind: “Do you want to add one extra cinnamon roll in your butt, my Darling Gluttony?”

What happened later is still the mystery to the town of the Hunger. But thanks to  Mr SweetTooth, who is accidentally happened to see the whole scene, while jerking off near the window, the Chief Of The Police safely arrived at the hospital on the same evening with a 138 injures and a half of a cinnamon roll in his mouth.



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