Black Women Aren’t Angry

”Being a woman is a terribly difficult trade since it consists principally of dealings with men” 🙂 a hilarious, smart, and true post! 😉

Kita Redd

We are just tired because…

Let’s keep it “Trill” for a moment, shall we?

As a black woman, I’m expected to be pretty, not just pretty but flawlessly so. Lest someone better come along and take my man.

The same man who I bore children for, the same man whom I keep a clean house for, the same man who I cook for, the same man who I uplift when the world crushes him or kills him in the street, the same man who I March and protest for, the same man who I sex passionately so that he’ll feel the love I have for him resonate from my soul to his. The same man who calls me a “bitch” then tells me he didn’t mean it, the same man who expects me to forgive his many indiscretions, yet calls me a whore and walks out on me…

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  1. OMG this is a bunch of bullshit…. Intellectually speaking. Women are here to make everything around the world better literally. Women are human amplifiers making children better by being a child’s original teacher and enhancing a man with physically, mentally, and emotional therapy which in the long run is fully beneficial to the woman herself but sadly majority of women around the world no matter what nationality don’t know this. No one knows there role as a human being these days

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    • Yes, exactly.. I wanted to reblogged when I saw it, was couple of days ago, but then it was already 3 posts on my page and I’ve decided – some other day.
      Agreed, everyday’s story of many many women on the Earth :))

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