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Your thoughts and emotions will dictate the kind of life you will have

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions.
I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”
Oscar Wilde

In order to keep the mind healthy it is important to have an emotionally healthy ‘base’ aka the good relationships between the brain and the heart. The thoughts are, as we know, the food for the mind, and one can always choose what to think.

From Janesh Vaidya book “Ayurveda for your mind”:
workshop “The anatomy of the mind”

1. What should I do with the poisoned thoughts that goes around and around in my head?

If you’re already chewing on the poisoned food, what do you do? Of course, you spit out the food immediately! The same thing you have to do with such thoughts. It may sound difficult, but with the help of the exercises presented at the end (and next week), you will learn how to practice the right mindset.

2. What do I do if I have just swallowed the poisoned food and …suddenly realized what I’ve done?

Then you have to place your fingers in your throat and throw/vomit/…For example, if you get angry with someone, you should find that person and talk to him or her instead of walking around with the negative feelings growing inside of you. You can always use a pen and a paper in the beginning (to write down your feelings).

3. What do I do if the poisoned food has already been processed and got into my bloodstream?

Then you must be operated. Yay! Surgery!
If the poisoned food has reached the bloodstream – you probably already have a disease=symptom. If you does – you need to start a special treatment, either on your own or with a help. Whatever you are planning to do  – you can’t achieve a lot without detoxifying your poisoned mind. It’s the same as trying to fill water in a bucket that has a hole at the bottom.

If you are afraid, or angry, or sad, or jealous – keep in mind that ALL THOSE FEELINGS are a ‘POISONED TREE’ that grows in the beautiful garden of your mind. If you’ll stick to those feelings of being angry, sad, scared – it will grow into a TALL tree and produce many poisonous fruits.
And if you’ll continue to keep those feelings inside – the fruits/seed will fall to the ground, where they will grow and spread even more poison. At the end your ’emotional land’ is going to transform into a “FOREST” filled with all those poisoned trees, and even during the most sunny days of your life they won’t let in any light into your garden.


Dharana Exercise

Step 1. Select 11 good things in your current life.
3 of them – should be qualities/features of your mind and 4 of them – should be characteristics what do you like the most about your body. The rest – anything you like (general). Think about all those things often. Every day. 

Step 2. Show love 
A good feeling is the best teacher. Try to ‘flirt’ with the things you like, it will eventually create a sense of love inside of your heart. For example, if you have a favorite dish – you can try to enjoy it completely, by focusing on every molecule that melts on your tongue…yum! Show love to your mind and the body.

Step 3. Create ‘good moods’
For example, if you want to eat your favorite food or watch your favorite movies, you can start thinking about it before you’ll actually do. By doing that (thinking) you’ll create a positive energy in a ‘solar plexus’: it is a nerve plexus in the abdomen that is situated behind the stomach.

Step 4. Turn on the passion
Now you have a list of 11 things you like in your life, including 3 good features of your mind and 4 characteristics of your body.
If you’ll think about those “11” every day  – they’ll transform a bad feelings into good inside of your heart. At the end you’ll begin to love them (=yourself) and live in a joy, you’ll begin to live passionately.

The happiness will become the energy that gives the food to your mind.

Next post on Monday – Book Review “The Treatment” C. L. Taylor #youngadultfiction
I’ve also got one more Award! Something for Sunday 🙂 haha


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  1. So stressed with all the changes occurring around me… my anxiety/depression keeps me from even taking the first step. Heck, the thought of doing anything like this ramps up the anxiety another notch!! 😱😞💔☔️ Trying to be 🧡🕊 And i practice that… meditate on 🧡🕊… but this moving to Boston, as exciting as it is, is draining me of my reserves. Another mental breakdown approaching… staying strong for only so long!! 🤔 J😎🙃 Great post to keep me always thinking and inching forward. 👏🏻🎶🎶

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  2. Great post… When I was practicing the Tao and traveling in those circles, I ran across people who misunderstood this idea and felt having those feelings in the first place was bad. So instead of acknowledging the sadness, anger, or fear (all perfectly valid emotions) and then letting them pass–like you’d do with a thought during meditation–they would fight against having those emotions. And, that’s just as bad as grabbing them and using them as an identity.


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