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Random Universe

(inspired by Jim, post  So I’m thinking…  and Mexi Movie The Third A lovely day )

The Story 

A tall, ‘grunge-looking’ girl with a pink hair sitting on the chair outside of Starbucks, sipping on her latte.

“Is anything in the universe is truly random?”
“Noooope,” – the voice belongs to the guy in a purple jacket, who’s checking pictures on the phone.
“Does true randomness exist at all?”
“You are reading too many sci-fi books, Sharon” – the guy looks bored. He is stretching his hands to the sun. The yellow ball of fire is quietly moving down to the Earth.

“Supposed to be a date. Supposed to be a sex. I shouldn’t buy her a latte. Blow first – pay later.”

Two pigeons are looking down to the busy seats near Starbucks.
“So how they instructed us on The Death Star? Interact with inhabitants.”

The second pigeon is suddenly launching into a piercing trill… (daily-prompt)
“Are you fucking kidding me?” – the first pigeon is pushing his friend.

“I’m trying to blend in… this is what they told us to do, right?”
“You aren’t a skylark, we are the pigeons, we are fat, dumb, and quiet. Q. U. E. T!”

The girl with a pink hair is leaving her chair and following the guy with a long hands. Right now his hands aren’t stretching to the sun, but relaxing in the pockets of his leather-jacket.


There’s a dark empty street behind the Starbucks. The guy is leaning against the dirty garbage-bin and looking up. The girl is squatting and trying to unzip his jeans.

“Hello! Could you, please, cover your balls for a minute, I’d like to make a statement…” – roaring the pigeon into the left ear of the guy in a purple jacket.

The girl is jumping up and running. Her head meets a granite column. She’s screaming in a pain. And squatting. Again. The guy is trying to find the best way to pull up the jeans.

“We just arrived from the Death Star, and we don’t like what we see. Does all humans behave the way you two? – continues the pigeon, while walking on the edge of the garbage-bin. 

“I’m reading too many sci-fi books” – saying the girl. She is scratching her forehead.
“Are you the aliens?” – the guy with a long hands trying to take the control
“We are the secret you should forget,” – answering one of the pigeons while walking left-right, right-left – “OR…”

The girl and the boy doesnt like how the “Ooooo” sounds.

“No, no,’s all fine. I’ve seen nothing. Nothing is what I do every single day. And thats exactly what I’ve done today. This afternoon.”

“Nothing isn’t the right way to spend the afternoon,” – teaches the second pigeon while flying around in circles.

“I’m reading too many sci-fi books, “ – repeating the girl.
The boy is touching her shoulder and whispering: “Im gonna kill you… Tell them what they want. It’s CIA, can’t u get it?” 

He’s looking for the pigeons, but they are gone. The street is quite and empty again.


The boy is reaching to his phone in the pocket:
“Fuuukkkk, my phone is gone! And my money…!!!!”

The madness of her laugh, that girl with a pink hair and a scratched forehead, dissolving in the rays of the sunshine. Silhouettes of birds are too far now, flying away across a sky…
The girl is stretching her hands to the sun. The sun has a color of magenta.

“I want one more latte!”

No posts tomorrow, but I’ll change the plan for the next week and you can always check it in the menu “The Bank Of Ideas”. I’ll post one more time about mindfulness/ayurveda, probably on Saturday. 



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