“Luke Da Vinci” – in search of the Mona Lisa

“I am not an angel, and I will not be one till I die: I will be myself.”

This is exactly what I wrote on my last day at Villa Rothschild (Frankfurt). Thanks to my aunt Jane for the endless ‘sweat-bedsheet-hug’ and… inspiration.

Ahhhh, what a lovely people and place, folks! It was once the summer residence of Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild, the founder of Naples famous banking family. Today, it counts as one of the country’s finest historic hotels and has a loyal following, especially amongst those who love the shy maids…with a strong oily hands.


Why you left such “a dreamy“ place? – you’d ask me. Because I’ve finally traced down my Great-Great-Great-Great-GrandDad. It was… are you ready?

Leonardo Da Vinci

The man knew a lot about “women-kind” and I’m going to follow his footsteps by finding my own “Mona Lisa”! Yaaaayyyy! So right now I’m on the flight to Rome, pouring my feelings on the blank pages, while the stewardess massages my feet (the stewardess was too horny, so I’ve punished her).


The Poem

My love is gone (prepare for lots of JOB the day I’ll find you, my sweet heart!)
My heart is cold (or gold?)
My willy is shaking (willy-ache! a real one!)
My brains r trembling (I’m on the edge of the Inspiration!)
How can I live without my Juliet? (Oh for fkn sake! Mona Lisa! Of course…)

Yeah. That didn’t work out as planned. Whatever. I’m a painter, not a poet! Let me draw my “muse”!

I feel a Da-Vinci-vibe! OMG, I’ve got a talent!

Finally, Rome!  Pallazzo Della Fronte! Let me get a break after the road: at the small-spa-cabin with a 10 pretty young masseurs…


After ten days of Spa:

Guyyyysssss, I think I’ve found her, my Lisa! My enigmatic, seductive, consoling, sexual and maternal – a KIND OF UNIVERSAL BEAUTY! What? Where’s the face? Why the heck do you need any face when you have ALLLLLL THIS right in front of you? 


I have to leave you, aaaaaa, I can’t keep my Da Vinci-Painter inside of my pants! At least for a couple of days, stay safe and warm, while I’m trying to get to Heaven with my Lisa Cut de Balls (in the future, hopefully: Mona da Vinci Copyright).

“She looks like vanilla pudding
so nobody knows that on the inside she’s a spider soup.” 



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