My books are water; those of the great geniuses is wine. Everybody drinks water. Mark Twain

“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.”
William Styron 

I just got back from the local bookstore. I’ve found the book (called “Check Hamlet”) I would like to share with all of you who are struggling with the writing process or dreaming to get published. Stop right there! Because here’s the way ->>

  1. Make it short! 
  2. Make it funny!
  3. Make it “watchable”!
  4. And don’t make people think too much! 

Check an example: 

Page 1. Translation: “Hamlet’s mom is stupid. Hamlet’s daddy is dead.”

Page 2. Translation: “Hamlet gets another daddy. Another daddy is very stupid.” 

Then I have a present for a Fitbit Hero Blogger, Jim – MngHostt Blog
The walking poles! Hurra? Hurrrraaaaa! Going to ship to you today – so you’ll get your 25,000 steps tomorrow!

“Books say: She did this BECAUSE. Life says: She did this. Books are where things are explained to you; life is where things aren’t. I’m not surprised some people prefer books. Books make sense of life. The only problem is that the lives they make sense of are other people’s lives, never your own.”
Julian Barnes


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  1. I’m pleased to meet you. Thank you for your interest in Under Western Skies. 5 blogs a week! I started that way, had to dial back a bit, but 8 years on, I enjoy meeting bloggers new to me. Interesting to see the Julian Barnes quotation. I just finished “The Sense of an Ending.” Best regards. On we go.

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