Oh how I’ve missed you, The Award!..

Again the Award! Now because I’m not only “Awesome”, but a “Mysterious” one as well! Thank you, the lover of the crocodiles (and bats lol) PANTHO THE TRAGIC HERO for this nomination, check the blog – Dont think Just click

Here we go again: 

1. What is your biggest source of inspiration?
a) A walk. All my ideas (stories, heroes) popping up in my head only when I’m walking.
b) Silence.
c) A book and a mug of tea.

 2. Would you consider Blogging a primary job?
Yes. Only if I could write about something I like. That means nothing ‘sellable’ – like lifestyle, beauty, investment, economics, politics etc..

3. What are your hobbies other than blogging?
Eating cakes. I can eat a cake for 12 person by myself, at once, in 1 sitting.
Of course, painting as I said before. But it goes up and down all the time, in waves.

4. What are your greatest achievement and greatest regret to date?
I dont know. I never think about my ‘fails’, and I never regret as well. Otherwise I have to sit and cry about all stupid, crazy, bad things I’ve done. I have no time for this. For me life goes on no matter what.
About achievement – Being happy and at peace with myself.

5. Do you like bats? (weird question)
I’d say – why not…in a day light 🙂 haha

Oh I know you are silently hating RayNotBradbury because he never nominates anyone. My wonderful peeps, in my heart you all are already “Awesome Mysteries” 🙂

The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.
Oscar Wilde

Next post – weekends check


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  1. Yep I love cake. I could eat the whole thing but I would regret it later. I don’t like the discomfort I feel when I eat too much. BUT since you mentioned tea, and cake, I need to eat, and I am sure I have some cake but will have coffee instead 😉 Congratulations on your award Ray :):):)

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