The Summer Of My Life (based on Janesh Vaidya book “Ayurveda for your mind”, swedish)

In the modern world the length of an average human life is very different from the “natural course of life”.
Childhood, youth and maturity ends at least 10, 20 or 30 years earlier than normally.

Spring – Childhood – Up to 30
Summer – Youth – Up to 60
Autumn – Maturity – Up t0 90
Winter – Old Age – From 91 and Up to….

We think we are old when we are 60, but an old age starts only at 90. Yesterday I told to Jeanne (in the comments) that I’m planning to hang in here, on the Earth, at least for 100 more years lol (by the way, here’s her blog,BORDERLINE CROSSINGshe’s posting a beautiful photos and the meaningful writings about life, also poetry and haikus).

So why is it so: why instead of living “the youth” until 60 we are dying already at 30? What is the reason ? Water? Industry? Modern lifestyle?

According to Ayurveda we can achieve the complete goal of being healthy and living happy only through 3 commandments: the right food, the right lifestyle and (attention!!) the right thoughts!

Everything in the nature circulates without a delay, just like the seasons. If we can find the time to observe this fundamental poetry of the nature, we can also find the answers to most of our questions. Look at the trees (at different seasons)! Don’t you think that our souls are also like a tree that gets a “leafy body” in the spring and then ages during the different seasons of life (youth and maturity)?
And of course, one day your body will break down, fall to the earth, just like the leaves… But no matter what, your soul (the tree) will wait for the end of the winter and for the arrival of the next body (or new leaves).

“Oh, where to start?” – you’ll ask. Start from your morning routines, the food and Dharana-exercise to filter your thoughts.

Step 1: Observe your thoughts! (positive and negative)
Step 2: Choose your thoughts!
Step 3: Remember, you are not your thoughts, you are the result of them!

So are you in the Summer of your Life? I am 🙂


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and here’s my plan for the next week: Menu: The Bank

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  1. Love your positivity Ray… then my guilt seeps in knowing my mind is the ocean’s harbor for negativity… i need a river in my world that is filtered through your life’s philosophy! 🤣👏🏻👏🏻💗

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