10 steps a day

“You will never feel alone, if you run down the stairs of loneliness; as every solitary step becomes your companion.”
Munia Khan

2 footsteps do not make a path,” – he read on the screen of his laptop.
He sighed. It’s gonna be a dreadfully challenging day. Rick have finally decided to become a Champion of The Step Award and beat the winner of the last week, a cunning, but quiet Running-Inch-By-Inch-Speedy-Spider who lived in the corner. The goal was absolutely crazy – 10 steps a day. Considering Rick’s age (370yo in october) and his lifestyle (“only inside”) he’d probably die, but if so – he’d die like a champ!

“You have to write down all your everyday steps,” – mumbled Spider.
“…some people might be motivated by your comments, but please shut up for a day, I’m loosing my strength!” – but Rick was in his best kick ass-mood.  

Somebody was hiding behind the door. He felt it. But to rush outside wasn’t Rick’s style so he yelled: “Who’s there?”
The quirky voice announced: “Endorphins…”
“I’ve got the dozen in my fridge and I-feel-freaking-amazing!!! I don’t need that shit anymore! I’m doing 10 steps a day!”
Feel-good chemicals tinkled and moved to the next house.

“How many have you done so far? Zero?” – asked Spider.

“Don’t fucking rush me!”

Rick made 2 and a half steps, picked up The Bible and opened it on a daily text: 207th January, year 5701: “I know every damn day how many steps you make. I’ve created you from my bone. But you are not a man who walks to direct his steps…” Jeremiah 10:23

Rick shut the book and closed his eyes: “Let me be, Jeremiah! Time for a nap.” And he’ve crashed on the floor.

Hunger is a bitch.
4 steps to the kitchen.
He dreamed about a new post on his blog: what is the best way to describe how quickly his muscles grows and about all the achievements he’ve made in 1 Day.
Absolutely Amazing Fitness Day!
Rick opened a Pad to type a text: “6,5 steps. Fuck the Award! I am looking to make my occasional 10 steps-strength-day a regular ritual! Are you in?”

“3 and a half steps to go,” – he proudly took a photo of the feet. Then Rick stretched a bit, looked out from the window. It was raining. Gigantic tiredness hit him like a granite slab.

“Mmmm, 2 more steps to the door or skip it and sleep for another hour instead?” – Rick asked himself. Sleep won.

 He woke up to 12, 590,052 messages. The world outside gone mad.

“Hm, 1 more step to the toilet door. And 1 back. Then left only 1 and a half steps. But what if I’d tell it was a long-term challenge? I could take 0,5 steps tomorrow, and then 1 step on Wednesday,” – he was feeling proud. 

“Thanks for the support! Done with all my steps today. Enjoying the healthy balance of delicious food and enjoyable exercise. Longer distance is my dream! Tomorrow will continue with warm-up for the next challenge! Your Rick.” – he finished typing and smiled.

“A liar!” – grumbled a husky voice in the corner.

Rick noticed that a Spider have moved 0, 2 mm left.

P.S. The next day the body of a spider were found in the chicken soup. Rick have posted a beautiful speech and a photo of 2 mm-coffin. Handmade. New hashtag – #RickIsOurHero


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