“Luke-pill” – the amazing science behind a new drug (15+ pics)

Before you diagnose any sickness,
Make sure there is no sickness in the mind or heart…
Suzy Kassem

Hey, I am back. What? Noooooo. Not because I’m going to promote the most Incredible, Revolutionary Drug invented by me in the basement of my renovated-Maldives-hut.

Let me ask you, do you remember what happened in 1928? NO? Hmmmm, that’s why you should run to prepare your credit card and make a quick online order at the end of this ‘humble and honest’ post (memory-loss is the beginning of impotence aka death. Just saying).

1928 – the year, when the first ever antibiotic was discovered by Alexander Fleming.
Now, my friend, forget about Fleming and throw away all antibiotics, because ‘Luke-pill’ is going to cure your arse in a day! Whatever the disease – I’ve got a cure! 

Let Luke be your medicine or let the medicine be your Luke.
The choice is yours!

Oh, I’m not trying to kill you, people. If I mean to kill someone, I do it! I don’t try. That’s how #LukeCopyright roll…

We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, depression and hopelessness is LUKE’s pill, – said T. Colin Campbell, PH. D. 

What is Luke-pill?

Luke – pill (or clonisazolbedanicolohloridemolacillin – thats actually the REAL name lol) is a CURE-ALL-OF-YOU-AT-ONCE medicine.
Weak immune system? Feel forlorn ? Genital areas in a veeeeryyyy slow motion lately? Infections of any part of the body, including brain, mouth and bladder? You are on the right way to treat your body as it should be treated. Just imagine seeing THIS 24/7 non-stop:


Order 1 today and get 100 free pills tomorrow!

Allergic to medicine, nuts, parents, rain, sun, politics, bees, dicks, traffic lights, darkness, wordpress (pls, don’t be shy, include anything)? Pregnant by air? In the middle of reading “The China Study”? Save your cents for the most useful treatment ever – LUKEPILL!

Ok, ok…I see your hands, I see them! Calling to your doctor to ask where to get a prescription? Don’t bother! Luke-pill is still a secret information between us, scientists, so even if you’d torture your Doc by a glowing needle (as I often do with a NASA agents. Yeah…otherwise how’d I get all that awesome technology?) – your Doc would never tell you, because he’s simply unaware about such a Hi-Tech meds!

How should you take Luke-pill?

Your dose will depend on the infection you are treating.
Body infections are often treated with only 1 pill. 
For brain infections, your first dose may be a double dose.
Instructions are always very personal and pre-payment needed.

Yes! First you are paying to buy the drug, then you are paying for my personal instructions. The world is a very unfair place for those who’re suffering, my darlings.

And I’d love to meet all my patients personally (and naked), if they are under 30 and blondes.


If your symptoms do not improve during 0,33 seconds:

a) If you are male – call the priest.
b) If you are female – call Mr Luke and Company.

What happens if you’ll miss a dose? Very simple. You’ll be seeing my girls everywhere you go:  


Not so bad side-effect, right, fellas? Haha

People try to treat their illnesses without first trying to understand the cause of them. Behind every effect there is a cause. LUKE knows A CAUSE! LUKE CAN CURE YOU! What are you waiting for? Order, order, order…click, click, click…like, like, like!

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