Life is a book filled on pages, just awaiting to be written…

“The brain is like a muscle; books are the diet and writing is the workout.”
Stewart Stafford

1. What got you to writing?
I don’t know. Nothing.
Maybe – “who”? Then my dad, because he was a member of every library in the city and I spent most of my weekends (from age 4 to 12) there.

I was the only one child in the family so I’ve learned to read very early, 4yo, to entertain myself. And I remember when I was in the first grade I sent one of my writings to the famous newspaper for kids (at once to the biggest one). The crazy thing – I’ve got the answer from the editor of this newspaper (next month). I was absolutely happy! Mostly my dad lol because it was him who told me to send my poem/story there. Haha
I’ve always played in the theatre (from the time I was in kindergarten until 16/17yo). I’ve dropped out from the local theatre because back then, in USSR, in my small city, it wasn’t a profession to ‘feed’/support’ you and your future family.
I’ve been best in the school/and college (literature-class) and I was a famous “reader” there as well.
I never thought about the writing tho… until I wrote a non-fiction book in 2009 (in 3-4 month) and sent it to the Russian publishing company. The amazing thing (again!) I’ve got a deal there (probably for 2009 it was too extreme book?), but I’ve dropped out.
My mum thinks that all writers are mad and in 80% of cases they are schizophrenics (or close to that). She doesn’t support any ‘writing’.

I’ve started this blog because I love funny stories, and a blog is a new kind of communication.
Oh…thats all I guess 🙂 Go figure!

2. What fictional character you consider as your soulmate?
Nothing comes to my mind right now. Only John Wick and Carl Lee Hailey (from the movie/book “Time to Kill”).

3. What is your best trait and what is your worst?
Best: I am too kind. Worst: a) I am not a rebel. b) Short temper.

4. Who made the greatest influence on you to start blogging?

5. Your choice of weapon is?
Mmmm, maybe a club (bat/mace) and Kalashnikov.




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  1. I like your first answer a lot. I was the only child for 6 years so I learned to read too, just in case. Then sister came, but I was reading already.

    I don’t know the reason why you chose those two character names and weapons. For some dumb reason I watched John Wick and my rating was -0. Was the other one fighting Russians as well?

    Also I wonder why a kind non-rebel would need weapons at all. And do I understand correctly? You got a book deal but refused to publish the book? See, you are a rebel after all! 😀

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    • You’ve got a sister and u was “an older one” aaaaa! I don’t know the feeling but my childhood-friend had an older sister and they were ALWAYS fighting (back then, not now)… 🙂 it was fun to watch haha
      About John Wick. I didn’t know he was fighting Russian lol but now when u said – I guess he did haha (and I’ve watched a movie 😂😂) mmmm, I didn’t choose him bcz of his fighting skills. But bcz he was capable to protect what’s belong to him/or his wife, family etc/. He never gave up as well! In general he’s kinda my opposite 😂😂
      No, the other one is a black man from John Grisham novel but there’s a movie as well (Samuel L. Jackson playing him in the movie): a heartbroken father who avenges his daughter’s brutal rape by shooting the bigoted men responsible for the crime as they are on their way to trial.
      What can I say…? He’s just a MAN. He did allllll RIGHT! He deserves to be my “soulmate”…I think my soulmate should be the opposite bcz if I can do all my soulmate can do – why the heck I need him?
      Non-rebel in life. I didn’t mean I can’t fight with a weapon. I mean that I’m too kind in real life & soft potato 🥔 lol – Im always trying to find a compromise with ppl and I can give up many things…but if id fight – I could kill I think. Kalashnikov or a bat/mace – r perfect.
      And yes, I’ve got a book deal (I didn’t know that’s sooooo easy, or maybe was easy then, in 2009), but I said I don’t want to publish and I’ve dropped out. I think it was the year when I’ve started to travel, a lot…every second month. And I had money. I was not sure I wanted that book published (I wrote it for fun mostly).

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