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A sense of the future

The first guy asks the second guy: ‘Do you believe in free will?’
The second guy answers: ‘I have no choice’.
Tim Floreen

What if we don’t have free will?

Our moral sense is based on an assumption: that we are Masters of our Own Destiny. When we make a decision – whether it’s a simple one, like deciding to wriggle a finger, or a more complex one about whether to get married, we like to think that we are the ones in the driving seat. Or so it seems…

The Story

They have only 1 night to live before their minds will be erased and replaced with a ‘skull-cap’ that allows to predict everything they’ll do with 100 per cent accuracy.
Two in the dark room. 1am.

“I don’t understand why you don’t hear the bang. At the end of the universe,” – she whispered.

“Because I’m sleeping, Lin.” 

“How can you sleep if you are talking to me?”

“Ask the bang. At the end of whatever…” – he tried to hide his pain behind the irritation.

I can feel how your smile floating into the space, Lin. What if I’d tell you that I’m scared to lose you and to lose myself?

“You know I’m starting to think you aren’t a human, Freddy.”

Does he think what I think? How he can sleep at all? It’s the last hours when we are sure who we are. 

“If you’d be a real human you’d..” – Lin’s voice echoed in the corner: “hu-man”, “hu-man”.

“Tell me first the difference about the real and unreal.” – he turned his face to her pillow.

“That which never changes is real. That which changes is unreal.”

Ha! I’ll always be smarter than you. Skull cap or not…

“Then you are Unreal, Lin, because you changes each day, hundreds times a day.”

Stop lying! I mean you are the most wonderful Unreal thing that happened to me. 

“The real is always real.”


“Do you think we are who we are? Tomorrow?” – her voice trembled a bit.

“Of course we are. Just like the sun and the moon and the atoms around as.”

What a bullshit, Fred! Do you believe in all the crap you just said or you do all that to comfort your poor self? 

“Thats just part of a physical world…We are more than physical.”

I mean I want sex, stupid bastard!

“I know.”

Enormous sadness embraced the two in the room.

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I’m writing a story about “the beauty of the death” right now, it takes time because it is a long story, 7-10 chapters, but I’m sticking to the plan you’ll see above (link). Tomorrow is my free Friday! Have a fun and we’ll meet this weekends! 


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