We were created to look at one another…weren’t we?

“Whole life is a search for beauty. But, when the beauty is found inside,
the search ends and a beautiful journey begins.”
Harshit Walia

I’ve been nominated. Again. For the same Liebster Award! I think they really loves me, those Liebster-award-peeps. I feel “too popular” lol
Let’s see what kinda questions I’ve got this time…and thanks to The Floating Thoughts by Roy

1. What is writing to you ? (Explain the value of writing in your life)
Writing is a kind of communication. With myself and the world outside. I’m writing only stories I can relate to or stories that make me smile = stories I love.
Voltaire said: “writing is the painting of the voice”. So now you can “see” mine.

“Communication is not a two way street.
It is a bridge.
Either you have one or you build one.
It’s about connecting, not correcting.” Farshad As

2. What one change you would like to bring about in this world if you have been given the power to do so?

The world without people would be a nice place to be.
As we know, even the stone has a consciousness, so the world doesn’t need ‘mean conscious people’. I believe the stone would enjoy his life in peace without us. 
P.S. But! Because I’m too kind, if I had a power I would allow 2 Adams and 2 Eves start all over again. Maybe it would be another story, who knows.

3. Who is your favorite superhero and mention the qualities that you admire in that superhero character?
I’m not sure I know one, so I’ll go for Lex Luthor. He’s kinda a villain, but still curious and funny and trying to be good. At least in the beginning…
I do not admire him. But he’s the first on my mind (ok, ok, I had a crush on him lol). I’m not a huge fun of superhero-stories, but I’m watching such movies time to time.
In life: everybody who’d touch my heart through writing, music, painting – is my hero.

4. Have you crossed through the valleys of failures? If so then give a brief account of the experience and the learnings from it?
I’m not sure I’m the right person to give advices here. Because I’m walking through that valley alllll d time haha
Usually I’m a total mess for an hour or a day (never longer than a day) – and then I move on. I think to forget quickly is one of my best qualities. Especially to forget failures, embracing/or sad moments. And do not regret.
Of course sometime the thought arrives in my head “what if you..why you’ve done” but I do not allow it to move any further inside of my mind/head/heart. I cut them off. At once. I don’t know if this is a skill or a part of my personality. Maybe 50/50? 

5. How would you help someone who falls prey to emotional outburst and feels like a failure to oneself ?
I dont know. Im pretty harsh/dry as a personality, I do care about people (because I love communicating and I’m interested in different personalities, in general in all humans as a “kind”). But I wouldn’t say I’m very “warm”, “embracing”, “soft” one, who’d understand all your “emotional outburst” or “cry together about the failures”… But I’d def would listen and I’d make you laugh.
If seriously, learn the best way to control and calm down your inner self. Breathing exercises on a daily basis (i mean every day!) works very well for me.

6. What genre of book you prefer to read? Name one of your favorites and explain why it is?
Non-fiction: about health, science, sport, true stories (but “No” to memoir)
Short stories: sci-fi, mystery, fantasy (without weird long names or planets), lyrical. I’m choosing mostly by style of the writing not by genre.
Crime – because it is the most ‘easy/relaxing’ books to read lol I dont think I have fav’s. I’m usually read them in 1-2 days and then I throw away the book. I can save it tho, if it really touched me (the language/stylistics/or emotions). For example I still have “The Loney” (I couldn’t throw it away).

When I’m visiting a book-store I’m always checking crime/non-fiction shelves. I never read crime in swedish language. But I read lots of non-fiction books in swedish, especially by swedish authors.

7 Name one of your hobbies that you have been passionate about (apart from writing) and why?
Why? Because painting is a silent poetry. And also the best way to relax the mind, I guess. And you can create/or build a whole new world or an image.

“It’s with my brush that I make love.” Pierre-Auguste Renoir

8. What makes you happy?

Small things. I’m always feeling happy when I look in the eyes of my dog/s.

9. How do you rate yourself in emotional meter of 1 – 10? Narrate a story that gives a picture of how emotional you are.
No stories. Too long to write lol But I guess on the daily basis I’m 2,5-3 but in the moment of the stress – 9,10. I think I can go from 3 to 10 very quickly. Haha!

10. What is the most favorite topic on which you can write blogs any day. Name the favorite blog post of yours.

Anything “absurd or surrealistic”. Anything “fun”, to make people smile and to smile myself. Positive, but in the same time I like when my stories make people think or see life from the different angle. 

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  1. ahhhh a world without people, they call that paradise, so , it doesn’t exist 😉 Congratulations on your award, it’s well deserved. I’m happy you got it because selfishly I enjoyed the answers :):) I like looking into the eyes of your dogs. They are adorable :):)

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  2. Thanks Ray for such wonderful and sincere answers…. 🙂
    I kept on smiling throughout this post…u have such a positivity within u… that I most admire…

    PS : the one liners are going again in my RAY’s ONE-LINERS DIARY 🙂


    • Yeah 10 questions 😂 first time 5 only :))
      Oh I’m not interested in nominations, but when I’m lazy to write – fun to answer some questions 😬🙃
      And happy new 2018! It’s already here 🤓👋

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