Give me one more breath…

Planet Earth. Year X. The life is defined by the number of breaths each soul is given for its journey…


First of The Five – One from the Five men Who Doesn’t Breathe
Mukhasana – teacher in the school

Rama – Mukhasana’s daughter

Scene I.

Kitchen. Morning.

Father: I can’t find my breath-counter.
Mother: Saaaami! Have you seen dad’s breath-counter?
Sami: It is in my room, ma..
Father: Bring it with you! I don’t want to end my journey today.

Sami: (comes in with a guilty look on his face): I’ve borrowed 20 breaths yesterday, dad. Im so sorry. 
Father: 20? 20?? How many times I’ve told you I can’t hold my breath longer than for 2 hours. If I have less breaths, then I have less time to live also. You know the breaths are numbered. What you’ve done with those 20?
Sami: Met Rama and…
Father: Rama? That girl stands between you and the reality. And you are like a tail, hanging at her door each free minute.
Mother: Enough, lets say a prayer, boys. I have to go outside check the garden. The First of The Five, Who Doesnt Breathe, going to visit my small community today, to nourish our spirit and heal our wounds of the disbelief.
Father: “Go my breath, to the immortal breath. Then may this body ends in ashes.” Let’s eat now.

Scene II.

The school. 8 kids in the class, different age.

Teacher: And our theme today – How Big is The Earth?
Student 1: I can answer, I can answer.. 9 miles.
Mukhasana: Right, but once, very-very long time ago the equatorial circumference of Earth was about 24,900 miles. It was the 3d planet from the sun and the 5th largest in the solar system.
Student 2: Impossible! What happened with all those miles? Why only 9 now?
Mukhasana: Nobody knows, but because we are created from the nature and also the part of it we’ve started to learn how to synchronise the rhythms of our breaths with that one of the nature. And..
Student 1: I don’t understand. Can’t you answer the question? 
Sami: He thinks it was a physiological reaction. From the Universe. Because of us, Humans.
Student 2: What do you mean?
Mukhasana: I think because of the shallow breaths and the speeding of the human greed, anger, hate and power..

Someone is knocking on the door. Knock-knock!

Sami: Open!
First of The Five: Good oxygen, The future of the Earth!
Students: Good oxygen to you too, First of the Five!
First of The Five: I’m on the mission here today. We need to borrow some breaths for the oldest member of our community. He cant hold his breaths for too long. And if we’ll loose him…I dont know what will happen with us. (crying) He’s the most knowledgeable about the universe. We need only 4 breaths. 
Mukhasana: Students? Any?

Student 1: I can keep my breaths only for 1 hour and you give me 24 a day. Im sorry, but..
Student 2: I’d give but I’ve got a date tonight and when you are on the date – anything can happen, and breaths are just flying away..
First of The Five: You could use abdominal breathing, and not only your chest.
Student 2: Yeah, but then you visualise things…
Sami: (very quickly) I gave all I could to my father!
First of The Five: But I’ve just met your father and he told me he cant work on the field for too long because you’ve used 20 of his breaths.
Students, teacher, all: 20??
Sami: I was overwhelmed. By Love… and then also of the news that people once had 23,000 breaths in a day.
First of The Five: Enough! Never it was 23,000 breaths. Never! If we ever had those 23000 a day would we ever dispose them? You are spending time with a fairytales and forgetting our first Law: Count your breaths!  

Sami: But it is in the book. The information. I’ve found at the library. From the Year 2017.
First of The Five: “He who has control over his breath also has control over his mind.” Seems to me you’ve lost the control. (to the teacher) Mukhasana, 4 breaths from Sami.
Mukhasana: …but First of The Five, he’ll die.
First of The Five: (on the way out) I need them today!
Sami: Those 5 control the quality of our life. I hate them!

Scene III.

On the hill.

First of The Five: We have only 36 people. And even those 36 are a total disaster.
Second of The Five: Maybe we should kill them all? We’d use their breaths to live longer.
Third of The Five: Yeah, but who’d cook, give us a pleasure or .. yesterday I had such a pleasure with Mukhasana’s wife! She even saved 3 breaths for me, stupid! Haha
Fourth Of The Five: You are too exhausted, First Of The Five. You should see the good in our people.
First of The Five: Maybe I should go and visit Mukhasana’s wife too? Seems the girl knows 2-3 things about diaphragmatic breathing.

Fifth of The Five: (only voice, behind the stone) Brothers, did you get any breaths for me? Pleaaseee, I can’t hold for so long.
First of The Five: Nooooo. People are under a huge stress, nobody shared the breaths with me. Cruel people! (crying very loudly)

Scene IV.

Sami’s house.

Rama: Are you at home already? How was your day, Sami? 
Rama: Sami?! Answer me…

Ashes of Sami peacefully glanced at her from the floor of his room.

Rama: Samiiiiiiii!

The end. 

P.S. Some things are out of your control, but not your breath.


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  1. Interesting. Reminds me of Star Trek.i hope that is not demeaning to your work it is not meant to be. I loved the Next Generation Star Trek shows. Your post is sci-fi with an ominous undercurrent of reality.

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  2. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog. Even though you aren’t Bradbury, I think the stories you tell are on the same level. You are unique and innovative, and I hope my award allows more people the opportunity to enjoy what you post. Have a great day!

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