Sit in yourself every moment…

As you already know I’m not a fan of huge posts (unless I can relate and it seems very personal), but eh, what can I say, sometimes I’m guilty as well. This one is a Big POST. But no problemos, don’t bother… it will always stay here. So get back any time to read it, don’t  force yourself to push inside of a very “tired tuesday-brains” lots of strange jumping words.

If you have a Goodreads account, add me – Ray NotBradbury.  I had it for years, but I never used it. Trying to catch up now.

As you know I’m reading a lot, usually 4-6 books a month. Sometimes even 9-10. Often I’m reading 3-4 books (different genres) at the same time. But I’ve made a decision to stop to stress myself. Why?

I want introduce you to a very special book I’m currently reading, called “The Path of Practice: A woman’s book of Ayurvedic healing” by Maya Tiwari.

There’s a line there: “Finish every activity you begin”. To tell you honestly I’ve always been bad at that…thats why, I guess, my ‘prana’ kicked my butt really hard lately (prana means a “life-giving force”, we can’t exist without it as we cant exist without breathing). The rhythms of nature decree that each “activity” has its own completion. And if you are never finishing whatever you’ve started, you are kinda telling to the Universe: “I don’t care, I’m totally fine here, sitting in the middle of the unfinished heaps of crap I’ve started 10 years/months/weeks ago.” Only a theory anyway, but … the sense of separation we can feel when we doesn’t bring our actions to “closure” affects each our step (now and in the future).

The beauty of this book is in the painful reality of the story. A young woman (23-24 yo), successful designer Maya Tiwari, got a cancer. She’s trying all possible drugs, operations/chemo and fighting very hard against a deadly disease.
But after many operations the doctor told her “your cancer is fatal and we can’t do much more”. On the same day she’s leaving the hospital and preparing to die. She’s moving out of her apartments to the lonely cabin “somewhere nowhere” and she’s trying to find the way to re-connect with the Mother Nature. When after 6 months she got back to the city, her friends couldn’t recognize her (she lost most of her weight). She survived. She shocked doctors (they couldn’t find any track of the cancer in her body). She was curied. How?

Listen carefully…

She is NOT only telling HOW, but she takes your hand and leads you through all the necessary and helpful practices. The practices that helped many people who struggled with anxiety, depression, cancer and so on. 

She’s teaching you to live in Sadhana. I’m not going “there” to explain what it is…go and read it lol

I know, I know…. you belong to folks who HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING and KNOWS HOW IT WORKS and NOTHING HELPS. You are toooooooo sick to the point you just simply lying there, in your soft fluffy bed, day after day, scrolling down insta-pics and checking un-posted selfies on iPhone. You are too lazy to help yourself and you are too arrogant to open your heart… and hey, there’re always lots of subscribed drugs, so why to bother? 
If it is your position all I can say “ You just thwarted your life-force by inviting death and, waaaaaiiiiit for it  ->> your next life might be even more difficult.”

Yes, I know, who gives a shit about the next life?
We want it NOOOOWWWW! On a gold plate. 

Then start by planting seeds that ultimately will bear fruits, whether in this life or the next. Modify your “Depressionistic-Dying-Every-Day-Of-The-Year-Karma” through conscious actions, words and thoughts. Today!

Allow yourself to recognise the various disguises and false faces that you assumed over the years. Any disease happens from WITHIN…and so must any cure. Go deeper in yourself and never give up! Only then the Universe will support you – saying this amazing inspirational and very practical book.

And remember: if you CAN NOT find the harmony in your everyday actions –
you will NOT find it anywhere else!

P.S. I believe in you! Hugs 🙂 And… next post – Thursday! 




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    • No rush…I just have to say there’re a lot of practices there, especially with breathing. I’ve added only 2 to my day (so far), I think its fine for a start. I think the book one of the best I’ve read this year (i mean non-fiction), plus it is a real story also. I probably will share some thoughts from the book again, so you can decide later if this is something for you :))

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  1. I was never good at finishing anything except books, candy and coca cola. I finished my novel though, and that was cathartic. I wiped tears away when I typed The End. Maybe someday an agent will like my query enough to represent me and get it published. That will be the ultimate “finish” for me.

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    • Bcz I guess u’ve tried to create the immortal characters like in The Forsyte Saga. Btw, r u a fan of The Forsyte Saga? I’ve been I remember (when I was 20-23)..
      I’m sure one day you’ll get ur “ultimate” finish 🙂
      I’m bad at finishing cola & sometimes even books lol but candy – always to the end! 😂


  2. Hi A. Ray,

    I’m not generally a fan of big posts either unless they are compelling. This one is. Knowing how precious everyone’s time is and how short our attention spans tend to be, I have begun listing a word count and reading time at the start of each post.

    Take care, be well, and happy blogging,


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    • hey, yep i’ve checked but its on your latest posts only 🙂 I’m rarely writing more than 5-7 min read. Yeah, i guess even 7 min is a lot sometimes 🙂 “modern-too-rushing-home-to-sofa-humanity”… dont mean anything, i love my sofa as well haha

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