I Don’t Want To Make It

Illuminates the wonderful truth of who we are…

The Unspecies

I don’t want to make it
To thrive
Here or anywhere else.
I don’t want to be heard
To be read
To be known
To be praised
To be owned
By the burden to leave a good impression.

I don’t want to follow in anyone’s self-realized shoes
Have no need to be better
I am.
Enough to stand out in the living/dead crowd
If I was interested in competing with my best myself
It’s not that I would win
Let’s just say
The insane can’t lose
The plain can’t win
By exclusion of leagues and ties
I’d be whatever, who’s to care?
They are.

Who could blame them?
They’d blame themselves.
Everyone else is on a quest for power, too
No one can offer it to me
I have it all.
Whatever glory comes to mind,
Is sunk into my skin
Embedded in my skull
I have it all.


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