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Here I am :)

I’ve decided to finish my “poetical 1-week-story” called “GREEN CAT”. If you haven’t read it – click here and check. If you “can’t get” it (tooooo MODERNISTA for your taste) – read my short explanation in this post: JUST DO IT.  I’d advice you to start to read from the end 🙂 
If you are familiar with a Green Cat, don’t bother and jump down to read Days 5-7.

Green cat. Day 5/Friday

I am a good husband. Calm, but witty.
And hungry. Thanks for a reminding.
The tools to climb to ‘ironheart’ of yours,
my princess, right on the way…

Week-end. What a beautiful word!
Press it in gold. And send to my granny.
She never loved cats. Or women.
Only mosquitoes.
Smart lady.

Whiskey and cinnamon. Hands in the pockets.
Add a green biscuit. For my cat.
I named him Trump. And yeah, that’s exactly
what they are eating. Hallelujah!

Bar. Bushes. Snoring.

Already sunrise? Please, don’t forget, 
I love green. I am greener than Tesla.
With the heart of the gold. Quite expensive.
Dreaming. Stomach-ache. Quiz-night.

Green cat. Day 6/Saturday

Eyes. Painfully shy. Help me to open.
Cat is fighting on stairs. With my photo.
Knife is talking to me, and smiling.
Salvador just woke up…
What’s his surname? Ahhh, Da–li.

Omelette with mushrooms are ready.
Media. Loud, annoying as always.
People kissing each other. In a slow motion.
Ewwww! Get a room, I’m feeling erected.

Meditate. The solution for angry.
In and…In. Hold it! Tantric soul rushing out.
Cat is waiting. Wow, licking my finger.
Teeth! The manneur was detected.

I S W E A R.

This is Sparta!!!

And I am 300!

Volts. Or ampere. Or any explosive
I can find. Ok, lets start from the bathroom.
How will we catch him? THAT’S STILL THE QUESTION.

Green Cat. Day 7/Sunday

Green spot.
Green jacket.
Green nail polish.

Green coffin. 
Vodka. Me. Depression.


“Of course I’m sad. Why do you whisper?”


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Living in Sweden. Awesome. Happy. Ayurvedic food. Healthy lifestyle. Dogs. Literature. Painting. Meditation/Yoga. I love my life.
"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

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  1. Of course I’m sad. Why do you whisper? 👍🏼 Love that line. I am thinking through your recent posts. I am terrible at seeing the whole picture written, when on a computer screen. Sorry if I missed something important. It would be fun to linger longer, watch it unfold on paper, hold it closer, think more. Look forward to reading your future posts. Glad your hanging around, feeling better, loving life.

    Some days feel empty, blogging. Once heard voices, silent. Their voice disappears and you wonder if it was something said. And by whom. Why weren’t you invited to their party?

    Life moves on and all is as it is. J💛

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    • Hey 👋 don’t think you’ve missed something 🙂 but if u did – it’s fine. If there’s any “important” connection between the posts I’m usually link them. I have to tell you, im not a big fan of online-reading:) but when I can’t get a book I want (often about health) – then I can buy online-book and read on the tablet/iPad etc. But prefer to wait. It’s a huge difference to hold the book in the hands, the real “thing” 🙂
      Yes I love my life. But each day brings ups & downs. I’m sticking to the routines tho. Very helpful. And my dogs & home keeps me going I guess…
      There’re no voices in my head, I’ve learned to keep it totally “blank”. Between sets* I’m getting ideas haha
      Mmm, sometimes I’m walking 20-30 min ….and there’s nothing there. No thoughts. Feels good.
      About the Green Cat. It’s a bit rough style. But “very me”. I think this is exactly how I think 🙂 haha I never think in “long beautiful lyrical phrases”.
      And there’s sadness and happiness in each “living being”. Hope we’ll be happy more often tho!

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