The Real Story about “Cat-Girl” and more…

Long time ago, month or so, I told to Herbert Uba (blog – Hindsight Bias click HERE ) that one of his posts reminded me some way about the funny story of my life (couldn’t find the post lol he’s really great blogger who’s writing every day). Maybe not THAT funny for parents and people around. It happened when I was in the fourth grade. I don’t remember was it spring or autumn, but it was very cold and even freezing (with snow/ice on the ground). I guess, all happened in the autumn.

Here is the graphics. Kinda.

You can see where I lived then and the way we moved around with my friend.

The story is simple. A long time ago – and yet perhaps it wasn’t such a very long time ago – in the small town called OR lived a girl – VI (me).
She had 1 friend, very good (as she thought), but some way ‘odd’.

One day on the way to the school we’ve found a cat. It was very cold outside and we decided to take a cat to the class (the first lesson was a math lesson) and we hid it in the bag. First 10 minutes of the lesson our kitty enjoyed the math, but then he/or she started to make weird noises of the very loud “meowwwww-s”. He or she jumped out of the bag and kids in the class started to laugh and touch that cat.
The teacher told us to take that cat out of the class.. Of course. No problems. Poor cat tho… Too cold outside.

When we left a cat outside of the school-entrance my friend suddenly told me: “You know, its such a shame to get back to the class now, everybody will laugh. Let’s go to my grandma. She’s living not far from the school. We can sit there a bit, drink tea and then we get back to another lesson.”

I said OK to that and we went to the wardrobe to take our coats/or jackets. But! Always – but.
But it was closed. We found out later they usually kept wardrobe open only for 15 minutes breaks between lessons.

But hey, people, my friend was not the one who give up her ideas. She told me its very near, it maybe takes 10 minutes and we are there. I’ve asked where her grandma lived. And she told me the buss-stop called “Linen-factory”. But I knew that Linen-factory was 40 min by bus from my buss-stop lol so I told her that. No problemos. My friend told me she knows the ‘SHORT WAY’ and her grandma is living much closer, one buss-stop before Factory. Oh, yes, I knew the short way exists as well, but I’ve never used it, simply because there weren’t any reason for 10 yo child to go to the Linen-Factory.

So…I said OK.
Don’t ask “why”. I don’t know – why. I just did. 
Its amazing that nobody stoped us on the road, and nobody asked what DF 2 small girls in the school dresses doing outside.
When we came out to the main road I saw the church on the other side…Let me mention, we looked like 2 red pigs in the black dresses (the school uniform – black dress). It was windy and brrrrr-cold.
My friend looked lost so I’ve asked her again: maybe better if we go back to school now…
But she told: NO WAY, if we get back now they’ll laugh even more and we have to explain where have we been. And if you’ll go now – I’ll never talk to you again and we ain’t friends anymore.
Cha! Nice “best friends”-talking.
Ok. So where’s your grandma’s house?

She said we have to go behind the church and there’s a lake there and behind the lake is the old area (oldfashioned-russian-houses) and her grandma is living there. Don’t forget about the warm tea lol 

BUT ITS FKN FAAAARRRR! – I said. (I didn’t know bad words but I knew the difference between 10-15 min and 1 hour walking).

OBS! Attention! We are talking about the time when mobile phones didn’t exist yet. 

So how we can cross the lake?
“Easy. Because its freezing/icy – it’s possible to walk”, – my friend told. – “Are you afraid?”
Im not sure if I’ve felt any fear…it was way tooooo cold outside to feel anything. And she said also: “its much closer now than to the school”.

Again…I said OK. 

So we walked further: behind the church, and – across the lake. That was TOTAL MADNESS! Because in some places we’ve seen pools of water.. Talk about the lucky ones! I know their names haha
After hour-s or HOURSSS we arrived to a village with the old wood houses.
It was already evening (lesson started at 13:00) = dark.
My friend told me she wasnt sure now where her grandma’s house is. She told me she cant find it, too dark and they are all similar. She suggested: lets get back now. get back home.

Here’s “the sheep in me” woke fkn up and said: “I don’t want to drown in that lake behind us! It took hours to cross it over! Im not going back! Let’s knock on any door and ask where your grandma’s house!”

We knocked, we asked, we knew. The grandma’s house was at the end of the village. Awesome! More walks!
Finally we arrived at that “magical warm door of her grandma”. We couldn’t talk so we didn’t explain much (she didn’t ask much as well lol). We’ve got full plate of pancakes with a jam and we fell asleep after that on the russian stove (they make a place there for a sleeping, because it’s the most warm place in the house).

All I remember from the rest of the night: Someone woke us up. Unknown woman. Police woman. Our parents are there, in that old house. Our math teacher is there too. It was around 3-4am.

Next day.

I didn’t want to go to the school. Eh.
My mum didn’t ask anything about that day, she actually never spoke with me about it. 

That first day at the school was a crazy one. Because everybody knew me. I was “that freaky weirdo Cat-Girl”. Kids laughed at me, they showed fingers at me and so on and so on.

What’s about my friend? I never seen her again. Hahahaha.

My mum told me her parents have moved to the opposite part of the town and she will start at the new school without any spots on her ‘name’. Her parents were ashamed and she was too stressed to go to the school to face up the situation and deal with consequences.

Me? I’ve finished the same school. HA! I never been shy after that story. 11 yo – the time where I’ve stopped to be shy and started to say what I think.

The Lesson: My mum told me if you do anything stupid you have to deal with the consequences. You have to face it. You have to make decisions.
So I did.



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  1. What an amazing adventure!! These sorts of experiences are why I am certain guardian angels exist. The girl was probably afraid to remember you because you were now super famous and might blog about her and make her look silly. :o)


  2. Huck Finn was also my hero! As a child my friend built a raft to sail away to our future.
    We did manage to sail it about three miles, until the creek dumped us into the ocean!

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  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Talking about some serious awesome adventure. That’s tells me your 3 husbands experience in detail. You are always look out for adventure and thrill lol

    Seriously how you survive to remain without jacket for such a long time. You didn’t get cold or anything

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