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Chilling – the art of doing nothing without being bored 

It isn’t finished yet, but we are using it already. Too the fullest. For Friday’s – days of doing “nothing” 😉 

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Living in Sweden. Happy and kind. Russian and #badgram English. Coffee and Tea. Dogs. Coding haha. Web design. Social Media. Fun. Health... everything day by day :)
Пишу на русском и на английском.

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  1. If this is your idea of doing nothing I kinda want to see what a busy day would be 🙂 it looks great though so am waiting for my BBQ invitation in my postbox soon. Yes I want it by letter, for once I want a good letter arrive in my mailbox. 😆

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      1. Oh don’t worry, am from mid sweden where any day off sun means we run out and just lean against a wall like idiots 😆 so BBQ in plus 10 sounds like normal. 😅

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  2. WoW! Great looking ‘deck’! Fresh air, the sun, and two cute Pups to enjoy it with! Lucky Lady you are!
    Thank you for posting! Whoops, forgot, YOU look very nice in your photo! Intriguing Eyes!

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