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To live life day by day or to follow a plan…

Reveries and Realness

Well, it’s been a while. I hope you are all doing well. I apologise for my absence, life has been very hectic as of late. While I have some time before I go to bed, I thought it was time to revise my blog and just ponder in written form.

It’s strange really… I have always considered myself a person with a plan. I remember from the age of 3, I knew what I wanted to do (Well, roughly.) The minute I saw my mother’s graduation photo, I knew that that was my life ambition. I distinctly remember saying to my mum, “I want to wear a gown like you!” And in a couple of months, I will.

But what’s next? I have always assumed that I would get the degree, get the job, find the perfect house and live with my perfect family (It’s very cliché, I know); yet here…

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