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Life is so endlessly delicious! So pull up a chair, take a taste, come join me…

I’m going to post “energy protein snacks”-preparation-pictures, I just made it today (lazy with writing lol but my next post, this weekend, going to be a story about some of Rincewinds pin-ups, classics 🙂 here’s his blog The classics pinup collection

And because so many people are feeling sick/having cold/ during spring time, I’d advice to make fresh squeezed juices or “shots”. For example orange one is from: grapefruit + red pepper. It isn’t very tasty maybe, but very healthy lol

And green veggie-juice is the best you can do for your health!

Have a good weekend! Eat well and healthy!

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    1. It’s just usual energy protein balls :)) on the first picture – ingredients, but it’s easy to find diff recipes on google or in health-magazines:))


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