The Lamp

Scene 1.

Monday. Living-room.
“The living-room is so empty without the lamp,” – said the old woman in the chair.
“I don’t know. Do we really need it, Ellie? I’m out of the breath with my rheumatism lately. It wont be easy – to put up there a new lamp for you, darling.” – quietly answered the man while checking the local newspaper.
“I’ve already sent a letter…”
“Did you? – he looked surprised. – “Why didn’t you tell me before? Any reaction?”
“Nothing so far. Too quiet. Don’t like it.” – she took the yarn from the floor to continue her ‘morning-knitting’.


Scene 2.

Tuesday. Kitchen. Morning. 
“Listen, Carol, I’ve got a very strange letter yesterday…from our neighbours on the other side of the road” – said the male voice while chewing a toast with the strawberry jam. 
“Our neighbors? Do you mean the old lonely couple? I almost never see them. What’s in the letter?” – asked his wife.
“Here it is:
What criteria do you set for the lamps in your house? If you are like me, you want them to be pretty. And strong. And quiet. And bright. A good lamp is a helper, mood setter, guide, pathfinder and much more! 
Or let’s say it simply – I’m always looking for the right lamp for the right job! And you are the lamp, Shawn! Thank you!

“Hahahaahaaaaa. What? It’s funny.. are you sure the letter is for you?” – the woman couldn’t stop laughing.
“Mmmm, maybe she’s in love with me? I’ve been always a big fav for the old ladies living around us. Do you remember Mrs Pratchett?” 
“Yes, I remember. But it’s so weird she is talking to you like…you are the lamp, darling. Oh! Shine on! Be Bright and Beautiful today! I have to hurry. Job job joooob!” 
The woman kissed her husband and left the kitchen. Shawn continued to look at the letter. 

Scene 3.

Saturday. Living-room.
“I’m so happy you are finally have found the time to come over with a visit..” – the old lady is smiling. Her eyes shining with the kindness and happiness.
“Yeah, I couldn’t miss those amazing cookies you made.”  
Suddenly Shawn sees the empty place on the wall with the words “ The Lamp”.
“Where’s the lamp? Broken?”
“No. But I need a new one. My husband promised he’ll fix it for me. Each thing in our house has a purpose. The lamp is a part of it.” – the old voice filled the room with the invisible power. 
“You need a bright one, haha, just like you described in your letter. It was fun. I see you are knitting a lot.”
“Yes. Let’s move to the dining room, Shawn… dear. Lamb is waiting…”


Scene 4.
Sunday night. Bedroom.
Female voice: “So are you ready?”
Male voice: “Yeah, I’ll do it tonight, darling. Sweet dreams, Ellie!”
Female voice: “Good night, Phyl”

Scene 5.
Wednesday. Morning.
Police, a woman, knocking on the door. 
“Hello! We are investigating disappearance of your neighbor Mr Shawn Breezy” – said the policewoman.
“Come in, come in… What happened?” – the worried female voice moved deeper inside, to the living- room.
“We don’t know, Mr Breezy disappeared on Monday morning or probably Sunday night. We know that Breezy and his wife visited you for a Sunday lunch. Wow, what a funny lamp…” – policewoman couldn’t get her eyes off the new lamp in the living room. 

“Yes, my husband is a sculptor. This is a face, you see? He created it. From the cement. He’s working a lot with the cement lately, it’s cheaper. I painted it green mint.. do you like the color?”
“I guess. It gives me goosebumps. The grimace…Is it crying?” – asked policewoman.
“I don’t know, I think it’s lovely… I love to do my knitting in the living room now. Mint green – it’s so refreshing. Oh, and yes, it was a great Sunday lunch. Beautiful couple!”
“So did you hear anything from Mr Breezy after sunday lunch? Have you seen Mr Breezy monday or tuesday?” – woman tried to concentrate on the face of the old woman.
“No. We haven’t seen him. I’m working a lot outside in the yard and haven’t seen Mr Breezy from Sunday evening,” – said the husband from the dark corner. 

Scene 6.

Wednesday. Evening. Living-room. 
“I think I need a new umbrella, Ellie… soft, tender, strong and black.” – suddenly said Phyl starring at the fire place.
“What a great idea! Do you want me to send a letter to her?”
“No, too risky. I think we could chat at the local café. About the rain and Shawn. I’ll call her. Where’s that number she left to us in a case if we’ll remember anything about Shawn?”
“Check in the bedroom.”

“It is such a beautiful day. Windy and warm. I love my lamp. When I saw the lamp for the first time on my wall – my heart flew out of my chest, freeing itself into the wonderful, moist air of the room. Phyl just told me that soon we’ll have a new umbrella as well. 
I could not have had a better day than this, since I moved here.” – and the old woman closed her notebook. 



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