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There will be killing till the score is paid (from The Odyssey)

I’m watching Belgian tv-series, called ‘La treve’. It’s a crime story.

Place: small village
Killed: a boy from the local football team, black, imported from another country. Living in the small apartment in the village. Found – in the local river, most of injures – beaten, gun shot, broken skull. 

The problem is I still can’t get who is the killer lol

1. Burgomeister (‘Master’ of the city/village, who wanna build a dam and that’s why trying to buy all houses around the area. Most of people don’t wanna sell their land/property. Nice lady with 2 kids-teenagers. Receives regular anonymous threats to stop dam-project. ) 

2. Coach (Guys from a football team sucking off his willy regularly) 

3. Son of burgomeister (He’s also in the football team, sucking off ‘coach’ and plus selling marijuana/drugs. Friend with a murdered boy)

4. A peaceful family from the chicken-farm (Sister & brother, incest/bdsm, hold BDSM-parties in their garage every weekend, only for people from the village. The boy have been seen there because he needed a money, he’s  sending to his parents each month. They said they didn’t kill him, but only made 1 gun shot when he tried to run away with the money but without taking a part in their BDSM-session) 

5. Police chef (Not so interested in the investigation, knows everything about everyone in the village, but prefer to keep his mouth shut). 

6. Young group of people ( With orientation: rituals, sex, drugs, music, money. Usually hanging out in the local house of the guy who just got back from the prison. He sells tablets, marijuana, drugs etc.. Friend with a murdered boy. By the way the daughter of burgomeister is visiting those wild parties too, smokes, taking drugs).

So far….that’s all. Hm. Any guess? 


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    • Lol maybe…they all are tooooo suspicious. I just found out that police chief (he’s married) & madam burgomeister have sex-relationship.
      About brother & sister …they said they made only 1 gun shot in the darkness when the boy tried to run away from them …& they never seen him after. Next day he’s dead. But maybe it’s too easy. Or they r toooo good liars. Anyway, I’ll tell you later who is the killer. I don’t know yet.

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    • Nope. It’s crazy I know, but the killer is not on my list haha bcz I couldn’t imagine she could be a killer lol and no one could.
      Shortly: the policeman, who investigated the murderer, arrived in the city from Brussels after the death of his wife. He lived in that village couple of years before (from 12 to 18yo) & when he got back now, he met again his old sweet-heart. She is the teacher in that village, living alone. Having kinda horse farm. She killed that black football-guy bcz she taught him to write properly when he arrived from his hometown (some African city) & fell in love, they had sex. Blah Blah. No one knew.
      It’s crazy story bcz each on the list (above) was involved some way, but not that woman. She was toooooo nice, tooooo calm, toooooo sweet. Let me say she killed the local policeman as well when he found out it was her.

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    • Btw, the daughter of burgomeister also had sex with that black guy & got pregnant. The son of the burgomeister hit the guy (btw his friend) while driving (drunk) ..ops! even wanted put him in the grave in the forest, but the football guy woke up & ran away…that’s why he had so many diff strange injuries. First – BDSM party, then hit by car, then – killed by the teacher :)) what a fate

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