Make Love to the Universe 

1) …the search for meaning is really the search for the lost chord. When the lost chord is discovered by humankind, the discord in the world will be healed and the symphony of the universe will come into complete harmony with itself. John O’Donohue 

2) The happy man needs nothing and no one. Not that he holds himself aloof, for indeed he is in harmony with everything and everyone; everything is “in him”; nothing can happen to him. The same may also be said for the contemplative person; he needs himself alone – he lacks nothing. Josef Pieper

 Throw back Easter! 🙂  


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  1. Thank you for the John O’Donohue quote. I’ve long enjoyed his writings, and I love the idea of ‘the lost chord’ and the search for harmony in our lives and in the world. A nice thought for the Easter season, too.

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  2. Great pictures! Especially the Puppies enjoying their Easter Vacation!
    Nice looking ‘barrel cactus in the restaurant also!
    I am not going to comment on the ‘delicious” looking food!

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