If you do it right, it will last forever. Massimo Vignelli about design. 

So I’m in the middle of the re-designing of my working room/space. I want to add more life and color and sofa to lie on (lazy ass lol) and ALOT of prints/pictures (some I’ll draw or make myself), books etc.. 

So here’s the room right now (finally, almost empty & ready): 

I want the table near the window because I hate to stare at the wall and I love the light. I won’t change any wallpapers right now – it will be beige + 1 brown wall, for now. I’m going to change the chair tho. Before I had a grey office-chair but I didn’t like it, I want a usual one, probably beige or green, bcz the table made with green elements. I want to have some kind of the planner or notice-board on the wall-close to the window. Probably something like that:

About the sofa…so many choices, but I guess it will be green, yellow or blue (or mix of those colors):

I want some kind of sofa-table: small, and close to the door. Probably will look like this on the picture (but in beige or brown):

From the other end in the corner I want a corner-bookself & a big white or copper lamp – but in this style (to read): 

That’s all in general… what do you think? I want keep it simple but colorful and comfy. 


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  1. Hey I liked your previous post in which you had told the story of a girl who had lost his father. You have beautifully translated it in English.

    You have beautifully managed your home.

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