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The Shine Just Faded Away

Love it or hate it. Or Both. The balance. Theres is no place for grey space.

Iris & Appalachia

“Señoriter,” my student said, utilizing the slang version of my teacher name. “Do you hate it here?”

“What?” I said, affronted. “No.”

“Don’t lie,” he said. “Everyone does.”

I walked away from the moment feeling strange and confused, strangely confused, as if I needed to explain myself but was unsure how.

But I don’t, I thought. I don’t hate it here.

I love Middlesboro, Kentucky.

I love the birds that waddle in clusters at the duck pond. I love the moon that hangs above the tangle of tilted telephone wires. I love the tree that pokes pointedly from the brick building across the street. I love the openness, the earnestness of a neighbor willing to help me with some small task or my landlords inviting me to Easter dinner. I love the stillness of the mountains, rising up around this crater city, protecting, guarding, watching. I love the mermaid water and…

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