Some nights are made for torture, some for reflection, some for the savoring of loneliness, some for a fight. What’s your nights made for?..
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Vulnerably Honest

Sometimes I want to die. I really do. I plan it and I think about it all the time. I am obsessed with the idea of being anywhere but here. Getting to live a different life. This one, it feels so damn empty. I look for things to make me feel better, but they all so temporary and the emptiness comes back. It does not go for long. I wish I could see to a tomorrow. The days are getting so dark now. Facing my thoughts is a harder battle than I thought. I am grateful to communities like the artidote. I am grateful for support systems and counsellors. I am glad that I write. No matter what, I write. When it is out there, I never realised what that meant. I did not think that people would read and respond.  I feel a little less empty. I love words…

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  1. I think the one’s who find Happiness are the one’s who never make excuses..
    If it’s broken,They will fix it
    If it’s wrong,They will make it right
    Life isn’t a matter of milestones but of moments..

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  2. I got lost trying to comment on YOUR blog while in the other one!!! Thank you for sharing it with those who follow you. I follow another blogging friend who feels all his world is online. I kind of get that. I have a great many online friends and few flesh and blood ones. Not saying those online are not flesh and blood, but I can’t touch them! I am always surprised when I find someone who actually READS my stuff! I can totally relate to the author above.

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    • Agreed with you…and I guess my mum would agree with you twice lol
      Yes, I’m sure a lot of ppl r reading what we r writing bcz:
      1. they need the ideas and sometimes they r stealing it from us 🙂 it’s normal & ok.
      2. they think they don’t have a life. they r totally lost inside of their imagination. Life goes by …and they loosing connection with it.
      I think real life is more fun than online. It’s ok to talk to ppl (we understand we r real), but the older I am – the more I appreciate my real life where I am now. Online is just for fun, kind of internet-diary (and it can talk, wow! great)) :))

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  3. Maybe bcz she want to live a different life and saying this one too empty – she stimulate her depression. Not sure if there’s a place out there, called “different life”. We have to fix ourselves right where we r – inside

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