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Sea Point – Cape Town 

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Living in Sweden. Happy and kind. Russian and #badgram English. Coffee and Tea. Dogs. Coding haha. Web design. Social Media. Fun. Health... everything day by day :)
Пишу на русском и на английском.

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  1. 2 ??
    1. Was that sugar cone you had filled with ‘ice cream’ or ‘frozen yogurt’ ??
    2. On your visits to the coast did you see any surf boards?? At this location it seems a bit rocky1

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      1. They produce flowers as pretty, or even more beautiful than garden variety flowers!
        I have a small cactus garden here, will go full out when I’m back in Ca!

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  2. Ms. Ray, Beautiful pictures! Great subjects! However, I have to point out that pictures like the ‘seafood’ (shrimp, oysters and Ice cream cones???) should not be posted until after dinner! Personal opinion!:) 🙂 🙂
    If the So. African tourism dept. saw these and the other photos you have taken they might want you to work for them. Free lance photo!
    iphone??? or camera or both?????


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