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The echo of his thoughts…

London. Bar. 2 at the bar.

Barman: Are you alone here?
Woman: (looking around with a smile) Let me count all of us. What a crowdy Tuesday!
Barman: What a Cicinho!
Woman: Who is Cicinho?
Barman: Sorry…did I say it out loud? Oh, just a beautiful woman. My grandma.

That was stupid, bro. Cicinho? Really?? What if she’ll google it? But what is bad in the large breasts? But grandma…where it came from?

Barman: I meant are you alone here, in London?
Woman: No. I’m here with my husband. (pause) But right now I am alone.

Cute girls always has old and grumpy husbands, checking every their steps…She said: NOW I’m alone. I can’t do that NOW. I’m still at work!

Barman: Ah, so what you’d like to drink?
Woman: Knob Creek Neat, a bourbon.
Barman: Woww, surprises all day long! I thought you’d say a fireball cinnamon, very popular among girls.
Woman: Haha, nooo! If I’d be a guy I’d say: “I’d rather scrub my balls with a wire brush than drink Fireball”

The call.

Woman: One moment. This is Claudia.

Claudia. Two girls. AN OPPORTUNITY. Mmm, what she said about the balls? Doesn’t matter! Kinky Btch! How they sing in that famous song: “I drink whiskey and blow all guys at the bar so I’m a country girl!” Yeah, baby! Yeaaaahhhhh!

Woman: (on the phone) If a bigger hammer wont fix it, then it must be an electrical problem, darling. Ok, try it. Talk later.
Barman: Mmm, problems?
Woman: Yeah, she is always calling me when she is in the trouble.
Barman: Claudia.. is she your friend from London?

God, thank you for reading of my mind. One month without bj! Now I can get two in one day!

Barman: I have day off tomorrow, would you like to hang out with me, guys?
Woman: Haha, why not! But Claudia is my husband. Harley motorcycles and Colt 1911s! Be careful!! Oh, I have her picture on my iPhone.. (showing the pic). Here she is!


Woman: So tell me where? meet up?

Barman: Where? I am good right where I am, thanks.

“Those that did not see this coming, won’t know what to do when it gets here.” 







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Living in Sweden. Awesome. Happy. Ayurvedic food. Healthy lifestyle. Dogs. Literature. Painting. Meditation/Yoga. I love my life.
"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

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  1. Ha! I had to stop when I read the Knob Creek neat… needed to pour one for myself. Guess that means this was yet another immersive and descriptive scene (or you reminded me how perfect Knob Creek is while reading).


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  2. Tuesdays are for ‘taco Tuesdays’ and Wednesday are for ‘trash talking Men’? Maybe, something in the ‘tacos’! Then to attack “pizza”! What has this world come too?
    Alright, I did not use the proper statement about 2 people having sex!
    Getting ‘laid’ leaves you (men) with a limp dick, and sometimes wanting more!
    Guess I’m just weird, I would rather improve the ‘quality’, then the ‘need’ for quantity diminishes!
    Go ahead Ladies, damn the men, butt………. leave the f***ing PIZZA alone!
    Hugs Beautiful ladies!!!!

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    • OK! I worked in a pizza restaurant as a 2nd job and friend owned! 3 years and nothing between myself and a customer! However, working there fit in to my quest to learn/experience everything and I am a almost GREAT pizza maker!!! 🙂
      As far as your GUY from pizza place, maybe , Enough said! “It take two to tango”
      My pizza learning ‘experience’ came from a retired chef. He had the need to work after a couple months of retirement! Opened Pizza Piasano’s! Long story, short, we had folks from all over the world stop in while they traveled the Coast of California .
      German chicken dance Fridays!

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  3. Getting “laid” is truly not all it is hyped to be! I probably would not get any support from many males here (or anywhere) really! Maybe, if I said, that getting laid ,is like driving an old car, as opposed to enjoying the ride in a Rolls Royce!
    In my humble opinion, ‘making Love’ is still the way to go!

    I am having what I refer to as a ‘shoe string’ day!

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