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Sunday 12/03/2017

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Living in Sweden. Happy and kind. Russian and #badgram English. Coffee and Tea. Dogs. Coding haha. Web design. Social Media. Fun. Health... everything day by day :)
Пишу на русском и на английском.

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  1. CUTE: The picture of your living room with Daisy looking back at you beyond the table!
    ? The ‘vase’ in the center of small table, decorative or does it have a special
    meaning? The reason for the ? is when I saw it, it brought too mind you’re
    the expression on top of your page “WE are cups”

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      1. Agreed about the jar!
        Last but not least the 2 pictures of Ms. RnotB ……Cute and funny, each in owns way!
        Can’t imagine why the ‘tongue’ sticking out! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      2. I tend to disagree with you on that. We’ll let it rest and see how it plays out!
        You really don’t appear to be a ‘runner’, other than for exercise.

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  2. Colors, all those colors! Oh, yes, are cute also! The PuPs seem to have so much personality in their photos.
    Are you send out some of your potato pancakes?????
    Blue and White…….WOW!
    The one picture of the house with the ‘pots’ out on a ‘deck’. What do you grow in them???

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    1. Meant to say….”U” are cute also! However, I think I will save that for a time when you are frustrated, upset or just plain angry with one of your followers. I did not include myself in “followers” , due to the fact that I cannot picture “K” frustrating or upsetting U!
      🙂 🙂 🙂

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    2. For 🌹 roses…but I don’t think I’ll do that this year. Yeah, right, potato 🥔 pancakes haha! And thx dogs r #toocute I know :)) Daisy is tough, and kind, Sky is annoying beast and too kind :)) 😂

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  3. I thought your post today was great. I assume the pictures are of your home, pets and some of the foods you like to eat. It sure would be great to visit where you live. Sweden looks like such a beautiful place to live.

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