When the stars go blue…

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The post was born from the comment: ‘There’re no blue people on the Earth’ 

Story 1. Kids are never blue.

Kindergarten. Kids are sitting on the bench. 

Kid 1: I want to be blue.
Kid 2: There’re no blue people.
Kid 1: No, there’re blue people, they just don’t want you to see them.
Kid 2: You are stupid!
Kid 1: No, have you seen smurfs? Smurfs are blue!
Kid 2: Smurfs ain’t people! They ain’t alive! They are not from the Earth, they are from the movie!
Kid 3: My mum is blue.


Kid 3: Every day my mum is saying to my dad: ‘you are never here, always writing on your blog, the child needs you, I needs you, and all time you’ve got to spend with your family – you are ‘there!’ And then the door closes and they scream at each other. And after that my dad becomes blue too…He is sitting and typing longer. My mum is crying in the bedroom. They don’t want to talk with each other. Only silence in the house… Sometimes I think, my home is blue too. 


Kid 1: No, I don’t wanna be blue.
Kid 2: I don’t wanna be a parent.
Kid 3: …and I dont want to go home.

Story 2. Wedding-photo

In the photo-studio. The bride arrives at 1pm.

Bride: I’d like to have a photo of me on the huge blue – blue sky…
Photographer: Great idea, where you’d like to put a groom?
Bride: Let me explain the idea first..
Photographer: I’ve got it. Blue-blue sky.
Bride: Yes, but not just the blue sky, it should be…

4pm. The bride is still talking. Photographer is nodding.
5pm. The bride is still talking. Photographer is snoring.

Photographer (tired): So where is the groom?
Bride: Oh, this is what I wanted to say, it will be only me on the photo.
Photographer: But it is a wedding photo ffsake!!! 
Bride: Ok, ok. You are right. Can you make a groom very small on the photo? Like very-very tiny and put him somewhere where nobody can see him…
Photographer: yes, of course…on the blue-blue sky? (sarcastically)
Bride: No. Outside of the photo.

Story 3. Science (from livescience website)

In James Cameron’s movie “Avatar,” the forest-loving Na’vi have stunning blue skin. But in real life, can people actually have that skin color?
It turns out – yes. Blue skin is caused by a rare genetic disease called methemoglobinemia. People with that disease have chocolate-colored blood and blue skin.
The most famous case history of methemoglobinemia comes from six generations of the Fugate family, who lived in isolation in the hills of Kentucky from 1800 to 1960. The family started with an orphan from France named Martin Fugate who married a local Appalachian woman. Both unknowingly carried the recessive gene for the disorder.
4 of their 7 children had blue skin. From there, the family members married each other, and the genes were passed down from one inbred generation to the next, making the blue family locally famous. An account of the Fugates from 1982 says their skin was nearly purple.
Despite having the disorder, most of the Fugates lived into their 80s and 90s with no significant health problems.


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