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No army can withstand the strength of an idea…

What a wonderful day…let’s talk about ideas! 

All thoughts, quotes, ideas I’ll get/find/generate from now on I’ll post under the category #ideas on my page.

Often I’m reading 3-5 books at once.
What I’m planning to do? To pick the thoughts and ideas from the books and post it. I do believe I can see an idea better than other people (I guess here it is, my Ego talking 😂). 

#factaboutme – I do not read descriptions of the weather, streets, nature, clothes etc. I never did it even when I was a child. I’m skipping it. Maybe thats why I cant describe a shit 🙃✋️ But I always can see the structure of the text, the theme/ideas and the main questions in the text. I think it is the most important and this is how I read. (don’t tell me my structure is a #chaotic structure. In my world I call it #ingenious #witty #sharp haha). Probably thats why I never failed any exam in my life -> I could ‘visualize’ any page from the book if I knew where the ideas located…
I’m very seldom reading poetry. Ouch! 

Any “writing” is an idea behind it. Then – the feeling 🙂 then – anything you want…

Right now I’m reading:

  • Bodil Malmsten “So do I. The art of the writing” (in swedish).
  • Sara Danius “Husmoderns död och andra texter”Not sure how to translate (I guess: “The Death of Housewives and other stories”).
  • Kay Pollack “Choosing Joy”. I’m reading it in swedish, but there’s english version as well (all depressed or any troubled minds – get this book)
  • Chigozie Obioma ‘The Fishermen (it reminds me about my simple childhood)
  • Haruki Murakami – his first 2 novels (Tell u honestly, I never read them. So lets do it now!)

Here is some interesting thoughts, quotes or ideas from those books. Enjoy! 

1.We are always in doubt. We are talking to ourselves about ourselves. We are always unhappy: looking for the perfect meaning, the phrase, the word. But it doesn’t exist. 
2.The base of the writing process is a desire. Nobody can teach you and nobody can show you ‘how to get’ a wish or a desire to write. If you have a desire to write, then the next important question is to ask yourself – HOW? HOW to write? Can I write? And if no – willing to learn? 
3.All you need is a time, the endurance, and “The Idea”.
4.My advice to you: write about something you CAN’T write, about something you WANT to learn.
5.The writing process is a WAR. Between you and yourself. ‘You’, who is weak and ‘Yourself’, who never give up.
6.What are you? You are an Energy. Each your cell is re-born every second. Just imagine the vibration of all your 50 billions of cells. And its only in one human body! You are creating a huge vibration when you are thinking. And you are ‘changing’ with each thought that you are thinking.
7.I want you to know, even if everything you did is wrong, it reflects that you have ‘the bravery’ inside of you, an adventurous soul. Such adventures are the breath of life. And that means you are the real men now. Breath!
8.In anything bad you’ve done you can always dig out something good.
9.I want you to be a fishermen. But another kind of fishermen. So called ‘action-men’. Not those, sitting near dirty still water day by day, but those who is sipping their hands in the oceans, huge lakes, who are really successful fishermen, who are fishing only for the good.
10.There’re no truly strong people. Only people who pretend to be strong. No one is a superman. We are all weak. If we own things – we’re terrified we’ll lose them; if we’ve got nothing – we worry it’ll be that way forever. We are all the same.
11. The bell pepper is the bell pepper is the bell pepper. But sometimes it can become a female body. Or the tree, or a chair, or a toilet. In the world of Edward Weston all objects (doesnt matter what or who they are)  represent/deliver a form. The time of the bell pepper isn’t the time of the vegetable only, but the eternity. Because everything around us, each form is a pure beauty. (see his photo below)


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