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It’s not just about the Buddha statue!

Hm…I don’t know. What do you think, folk? Which one of these items is precious beyond measure? Maybe the plate?..Looks very old lol

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Yeaterdays post was all about the small statue-icons of Buddha in our home, family treasures I called them. But there is more to the iconic art of Buddhism than statues and today here is a sample of some of the examples in our home. Plates, stone carvings, and ……. Paubah…. which you may need to google. And one of these items is precious beyond measure ….. can you tell which one it is?


Stupa sculpture

Silver plate


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      1. Haha, the first one is a relatively “cheap” wall hanging you can buy in most markets in Kathmandu. We were given it because we liked the colours mostly. The last one is extrinsically worth several thousand £££ because of its age, but intrinsically is ….. priceless. You could buy versions of the first but not the last 🕉👫


  1. Thanks for reblog going my post, it’s always great when someone does this, a real connection instead of just like like like! It will be interesting to see if anyone chooses correctly and understands why …. answers on both blogs maybe? Searching through yours now for something to reblog tomorrow. B🕉

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    1. No, do not stress about it. Don’t need to reblog or search anything:) It was interesting – to see the pictures & to guess. That’s all 🙂 let’s wait & see if anyone will guess “right”! And have a fun!

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