‘Good Enough’ in the world of Never Good Enough

I run.
From Luke.
Until my bones ache and lungs split.

And it feels good.
Note from the future 

Is it morning? Yes. It is.
Is it Japan? I don’t think so…
Any breakfast? Yes, looks like “something-without-coffee”.
Still half-naked. Still more-than-ever-hungry.
The last thing I remember: we met lots of colourful bikinis at the japanese bar -> we finished our 1345th shot of tequila (or I‘ve stopped counting at 1345th) …-> and that’s all.
And now we both (Luke and I) woke up to this view =>


and seems to me we have a plenty of time to figure out where we are and how the heck we’ve got here.. Whats Luke doing? I dunno, counting the cows. He said he sees 666 (too many for tuesday-morning):

Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of the day you are going to have.

Thank you, Luke! What an awesome travel! Started at the bottom of Japanese streets and finished on the planet of the cows??!! Hopefully – YES! Because if there’s any human life here, then we’ll end up with an auditing of all local bras again.
Stop running after poor animals, Luke! You are scaring them with your …EVERY-THING!

Omg!!! Are you here, people? Do you see the girl? Our first contact on this planet is happening right NOW! Mmm, she looks like ‘the trouble’ to me.  The Big One. “The Trouble-D Planet”?


What, Luke, dear? Wanna stay here and check if they need any help with the ‘environment’? And if they DON’T..? If they don’t – then you would like to become a globe-trotter and open your own travel-blog? Wow. Nice idea!
And what you’d like to post there, on your travel-blog?

  • Luke wanna get 8 billions of likes (seems we have to hurry up with ‘extra-people’ for Luke’s sake!!).
  • He’s going to travel to Maldives:  because it’s a beautiful country, where you can officially hang out each year with a different chick…or you can change them as often as you wish. Google told him it is very easy on Maldives, because of a very liberal divorce-rules.
  • He is going to steal the pictures for his blog from Rebecca, because in the past 17 years she lived in 17 countries: MyFaceOfLife Blog

So here it is. ‘The Moment’ of ‘I’m not so sure what will happen next’…

Hm, and I never thought Luke is such ambition-ist! Ok, maybe ambitions are noble and important, but there can also come a point when they become the sources of terrible trouble and unnecessary panic. I’m getting a panic, because of yeah..the fooooodd!

Maybe I’ll stay here :)) seems the people in this country can cook! Nom NOM


The lesson of the day – eat while you can! Yo! Theres always a time for a hunger.

While I and Luke are eating: look at this amazing space! Any ideas yet where we are? And oh, nooooo…but our guy wanna build a new Vegas here. ONE WORD – #Ambition-istic #arsehole-ish soul you are, Luke!


What happened? Why crying? Feeling you failed with the mission to get us back home? No worries. Let me just eat aaaaaalllllll the rests on your plate first and then I’ll help you 🙂 haha
While I am busy with the food…=> check

A lecture about “How Good Enough is your Good Enough?”

People are suffering from the feeling of failure. Often. Why? Because of the hopes. Or better say: Excessive hopes. Their despair is a consequences of a cruel and counterproductive perfectionism. To reduce this perfectionism, a guy called Winnicott, created a phrase: “Good enough”. He Said: noone needs an ideal partner, friend, parent etc..They just need an OK, pretty decent, usually well intentioned, sometimes grumpy, sometimes sad, or a little bit crazy, but basically – reasonable person. It doesnt mean “second-best”. No! No! It does mean *free from perfectionism*. We have to learn not to hate ourselves for failing to be what no ordinary human being ever really is anyway… We have to enjoy our own company as we are. We have to allow ourselves to be grumpy, to feel old, to feel sad or beyond-happy.

So you are Good Enough,
Too Good Enough,
Over-Enough of the most Crazy-Enough
you can ever imagine, Luke!

Ok, I need the name of the place or the coordinates! NOW! I hope you are Enough to achieve this small task lol

Oh, hello there!


This animal look exactly like you, Luke! Check the nose haha
It is called the Saiga Antelope.  I think I know the name of the place where we stuck with you, Luke  …& YOU? 🙂


The winter in this country is one of the harshest in the WORLD. Their winter is counted off in a 9 day pattern with a 9 “week” cycle. For example: if December 22nd is the start of winter beginning the 1st week of the 9′s, the second week would be on December 31st , and so on. The winter climaxes between weeks 4 through 6.

A little more about the 9′s of this country:

1st 9s: Vodka made from milk freezes.
2nd 9s: Normal vodka freezes.
3rd 9s: The tail of a 3 year old ox freezes and falls off.
4th 9s: The horns of a 4 year old ox freezes and falls off.
5th 9s: Boiled rice no longer freezes.
6th 9s: Roads start to become visible.
7th 9s: Hill tops appear from beneath snow.
8th 9s: The ground gets damp.
9th 9s: Warmer days have set in.

So…are you up for a longer stay? Luuuuukeeeee, where are you? Hm, gone…
Ah, what a strange soul, nothing romantic left in the guy (until he sees a pair of nice legs). Lets sit and look at the stars for a while, he’ll be back soon 🙂

Any ideas where we are? 




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  1. I like the idea you mention of learning to appreciate “good enough” as we try to drop all the perfectionism (though we love it so much).

    I was thinking it was either Tibet or Mongolia, till I saw that antelope and the falconer/hunter. Curious to see what further lessons this desolate landscape will have to teach…

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    • Yes, it is Mongolia 🙂 About perfectionism, we are taught to live so. ‘Never enough’ until ‘Too Good Enough’, and then as a result – ‘Perfect’. Everybody saying: I’m not perfect, yet everybody believes – they are and plus many of us are struggling each day to achieve the image of the ‘Perfect’. #sad

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  2. Luke you are a ‘trip’! To ‘nowhere’ you say! I disagree, to’ everywhere’! The pictures are great! The picture of the ‘bird’ and it’s handler was super! (animal appreciator here)
    I’m glad Luke found a good looking ‘friend’ to chase after. Someone, said “do not keep your eyes on the prize’ concentrate on the journey to get there”. Must have been ‘confusedus’ or Mark Twain.

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    • Haha to everywhere:) why not? Mmm, yes I think they are hunting with eagles 🦅. I found lots of pics but posted only one bcz otherwise would be too easy to name the country lol Oh, Really? (😂) maybe you wanted to say he found “friends-ssssss”? Yeah, the journey just started lol / WHO said? Luke De Greatest 😬🕺😅