“i” meets “I”

I feel this post belongs to me haha and I think it represents/describes a human as it IS, but with a very different angle.. 🙂 any of us “just born” between those “modest” theories:))… #BornToBeI

2 Modest Minds

This entry was inspired from a post by my talented Mrs Ray.

And it is part of my introduction to the “imaginary numbers”. I love their philosophy since they have that title opposed to the “real” numbers.

Suppose there is a problem in maths… Something you can’t solve. Or, better yet it is impossible to solve. The healthier approach would be “ok, can’t do this, lets go out for a drink”.

But in my “modest logical mind” there is another approach. I have no idea if its healthier and since it is mine I suppose it is not. But It is fascinating.

You invent something. In the title posted by Ray you “invent” a number that does not exist and you name it “i”. The basis or imaginary numbers. This number is special because it has a quantity that is impossible in maths. The square root of dear old “i”…

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