The Silent Psycho

Very short stories “The Silent Psycho”

Inspired by nothingtoinfinite on wordpress 
We had a conversation in the comments about – who we are. And he described himself as “The Silent Psycho”.

Story 1.

Outside. Winter.
Man: Psyyyyyychoooooooo!! Psyyyyyyychoooo! (screaming)
A girl (walking by): What happened?
Man: I’m looking for my dog.
A girl: Is it a big dog?
Man: Yes! Like a Baskervilles!
A girl: From Conan Doyle novel? Wow.
The pause.
A girl: Bit you? or anyone?
Man: Too many and too many times. Including myself.
A girl: Hm
Man: Why? Why are you asking?
A girl: I just found chihuahua there, down the road.. (she opened her bag and showed the dog)
Man: (almost crying) Psychooooo! Here you are, boy!
A girl: Noooo, prove it. He doesnt look like a Baskervilles! He never barks!
Man: Yes, he does. And the proof is the word “The Silent” on his collar…

Story 2.

The class. The teacher introducing a new student.

Teacher: Let me introduce the new boy, Psy The Silent Cho.
Psy The Silent Cho: Thats not my name.
Kids: Chinese?
Teacher: Let me check…(moving to her table to check)..
Psy The Silent Cho: My name is Johnny.
Kids: Chinese cant be named Johnny.
Psy The Silent Cho: Im not a chinese.
Teacher: Sorry, was my mistake, Psycho The Silent. Is it ok if we call you ‘Psy’ or “Cho”?
Psy The Silent Cho: You have to ask Johnny first…

Story 3.

One night stand. At the pub. In the toilet. Two.

Man: I love it when the girl give me “that look”.
Woman: Mmmmm, you are such a Psycho!
Man: How do you know my name? 


Story 4.
Two women in the store.
Woman 1 : Hey, long time no see…So, so happy I met you!!! Selfie together? Did you read the book by the way?
Woman 2: Which one?
Woman 1: Best seller!!!! “Meet the Silent Psycho”
Woman 2: No. What is about..?
Woman 1: Memoirs of our neighbour Anton.
Woman 2: Ah, I always knew he is a psychopath. He lived near me, you know.. window to window.
Woman 1: Maybe.. the book is a collage of the pictures taken with a hidden camera “My neighbour Kate and what we don’t know about her”.

Story 5.

Doctor: Welcome and sit down.
Patient: ….
Doctor: Mmmmm, I’m listening.
Doctor: You can talk now, it is absolutely safe here.
Doctor: I’m worried about you.
Doctor: Are you going to talk at all today?
Patient: Yes. We can’t decide who will talk with you  – “The Silent” or “The Psycho”.
Doctor: “The Psycho” just won. So go ahead…

Next will be the brain description for the Mindfump blog ( I hope I can do it for tomorrow), and maybe a poem for Buffy Devine (about calm – happy) 



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