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‘The most difficult door to open’ or What never changes?

Life has a time limit.
And we are changing all the time.
So are our ambitions, desires and purposes…
The important thing is to find something
that never changes in you. Fumio Obata

Ok, let me open my long long long long (did I say ‘long”?) list of “the things that never changes in you”, Luke.

  • Hormones.

The most famous hormone of yours is Testosterone. If we could only find the way to use it as a fuel, we’d save the world.

  • Troubles

We all know the face of your troubles, Luke. THAT and beer. Or I’d say: give him anything with THAT. 


  • Your boxers

Yes, I know you are very faithful. Lucky boxers. But all 365 days of the year?

  • Status on Facebook

“A homeless millionaire. Tantric spirit. 33 inches bigger than average. Almost Dying. Fax your signature. From the bed and without bikini. Selfie is OK”.
Really, Luke?

  • Toilet Paper Roll… 

Ok, its gross. I’m not going so deep…

The rest of ‘8, 790, 345, 576, 690, 120 things about Luke’ I’ll read when we get back home. If we’ll get there…

So yes, folks, here we are… Still in Japan. Haiku-ing. Kind of.

NEWS? Yeah.

First of all Luke tried to grow ‘YAEBA” (I cant even pronounce it, can you?). What does it mean? Double tooth.
Most adults have 32 teeth. But Luke decided to ‘double’ it (I never seen his teeth, so probably there’s nothing to ‘double’, but he still want it. Passionately lol)
YAEBA is a real, a bit bizarre trend among young girls and guys here, in the modern Japan: the teeth with a kind of crowded appearance. Just like mine lol (don’t tell Luke tho, he’ll die from the envy)


Next idea:Luke wanna be a businessman.
That is NOT why we are here, I told him…but he said the bj-s with a YAEBA-girl is on his new-year-resolutions list. 
I hope she’ll suck it off. (is it possible? any cases? I have to check emergency rooms). I’d send a ‘thank-you-from-the-humanity-our-amazing-savior’ card to her. Hand-written. 

What’s the kind of the business Luke wanna start? He wanna open ‘bra-area’. He thinks the idea of bras hanging around on the street would be very inviting to his no-bras-pub, dancing-bra-club, bra-shelter…(who knows exactly what it is. I don’t)


But then he found out that japanese aren’t into sex much, only into ‘watching of a fluid’ coming out. “Why they are not so interested?” – he asked me. Luke, dear…because they are studying hard – working hard – sleeping hard – no time for actions – only milliseconds to squeeze that fluid into the world. 

Don’t be sad, Luke! You’ll get there too. One Day!

The next business – idea is a security-company to help to the older people (who can die any day) to die alone. I don’t know ‘how’, but Luke wanna organize it. He’d like to call it  “The Lonely Deaths”. (Can you organize your table first???? yes, this one!)


One of the unfortunate side effects of maintaining such an elderly population (1 in 5 Japanese are over the age of 65, many of them 80-90 yo) is that people tend to die at home. These people often go undiscovered, sometimes for months or years! – a phenomenon known as “KODOKUSHI” = the lonely deaths. Thousands of cases occur in Japan each year, especially among men. Sometimes the bodies are left for so long that they self-mummify.

What, Luke? Planning to sell them? To the Hollywood? (He is just so FULL of ideas!)

It is estimated that in another 20 years, 1 in 3 Japanese will be senior-citizen. Thats why Luke thinks this is a good business start-up. (Yeah, I know…the guy thinks he can ‘THINK’).

Next business- idea – he’d like to buy the platform (a space) at the local train-station in Japan and rent it for those, who wanna jump under the train.


He is so sweeeeeeeeet, our Luke. Thank you, for helping people! 

Japan has one of the highest rates of suicide in the world —in some cases MORE THAN TWICE than in other developed countries.  Although attitudes are changing, suicide was for a long time accepted by the culture as a noble act-a way of protecting honor and defending the reputation of the family. One of the most ‘popular’ suicide trends involves leaping in front of commute trains.  

Theres 1 more reason why Luke want to stay in Japan, he wanna help with a population-growth… It’s a never ending circle with you, Luke. We again got back to number #1 – Testosterone.

So what is never changes, Luke?

What? Time, taken by light to travel around the Earth’s equator? Do I look like I care? 
I’m very serious! I mean in YOU?!

Hm….you dont know?
We are sitting on the streets of Japan,
naked and hungry,
singing mantras in swahili
japanese are laughing
because they think it’s a tv-show 
and all you are saying:
You don’t know??!!

How about to check an S on your forehead?

Your next home-work ->>>”to FIND something that never changes in you” and simply because you belong to the group of ‘don’t know’ – I’ll help you, check a riddle-quote:

The most difficult door to open is the entrance to the Luke’s Mind. 

You failed – your fart was not silent, my nose heard it’s deafening noise.
Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel

P.S. If you are new here and don’t know why are we in Japan, read the post: A reason to get up in the morning


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    1. Yes, I think so too 🙂 like a chaos. Bcz I’m writing them as a flow..I don’t have idea where I’ll end up too. Haha But poetry and short stories I’m always trying to organize=build

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      1. Youssef Bazzi once wrote (he isn’t famous tho, not like Bradbury) about the style of the writing he uses in his poetry: called “organized chaos” :)) mmmm, Id like to think my “chaos” is “organized” too. Haha…but who knows :/

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      2. Haha agreed, it’s a terminology for the style tho :)) we always have to “define” all around us :)) mmmm, we can write as it is, without organizing too. But not sure how “readable” it will be. Maybe I’ll try one day :))

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      1. Sorry, I did not realize the time! If you have a day off, go to sleep early, then get up early, and enjoy the day!
        Thanks again for the *Ray Bradbury* post this AM! Truly a great person!!
        Have a good night, and keep those puppies near……………….

        Dan, Whoops, Kinky!

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  1. Off to go see Dr. for my yearly! Poor girl! She will have to put up with me for the better part of an hour!!
    Having this appointment is what got my deranged self going in this direction this morning!
    Dr. is Female, last year of internship, very pretty, very patient with me and my wise cracking mouth!

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      1. Ha Ha Ha She is more of a ‘cutie’ than a “hottie”, at least I think so! In June she leaves for Calif. and private practice with her ‘Dad’
        So, speaking of “hotties”, how’s Ms. Ray???? 🙂 🙂 .

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      2. I’m fine. U know I’m going to South Africa 17th march & im scared (like right now…bcz of freakn looooonggg flight). If I’ll die – what u’ll do without me, Kinky 😶😶🙃

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      3. Talk tomorrow!! Remember……………deep breaths, eyes closed and visualize the number as you count
        Good night! 00000000 hugs!


  2. 😉 Thank you! You write from the ‘Female’ point of view! This could be fun!
    My theory is keeping your ‘plumbing’ clean, makes for a happier day! If you were to try and get a drink of water from the faucet and it was clogged = boo hoo, boo hoo

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    1. Maybe. I don’t know…I think I don’t see the world the same way. Luke does for sure. Any plumbing is secondary thing on my list (aka last), and for the Luke – yea, you know him and His Troubles haha

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  3. Goooood morning!! Maybe, Luke could find a ‘soapbox’ to stand on. In the intersection of 2 ‘very’ busy streets he could preach the positive aspects of having ‘more’ sex!
    His idea is to help with the suicide rate! Having hot, steamy sex does not allow time for a trip to the train station, except to go somewhere!
    Just a thot!!!

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      1. Not exactly, we are on a mission here! Having your pipes cleaned regularly makes for a happy man! (no suicide thought)
        Helping to clean the males pipe is also beneficial to the female!
        That being said, if the male finds a new ‘pipe cleaner’, then the female will take him to the train station, throw him under the train, and the murder rate increases, not the suicide! Goes both ways! 😉
        Presented by: Luke and the more sex Company

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