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Jiggling Jogger

“Don’t look. Don’t look” – said my brain, but my trousers repeatedly whispered “Go for it, man”. Whispers always win lol


By Scott Bailey 2017

A jogger passes by
In her tight lycra
And my eye is drawn
To the jiggle
I am a modern man!
I am.
Generations of sin
Drop their guilt and shame
On our ill equipped shoulders
A modern man


In response to the daily prompt Jiggle


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  1. I actually have a story about pizza and me! In fact, maybe Luke would like some pizza with his beer! Goes together like a hand in glove!


  2. A world without “jiggle”! I prefer wiggle myself. Really though, the ‘lycra’ without the “jiggle or wiggle contains the Female that takes extra care of herself.
    Not a whole lot of “jiggle or wiggle on a jungle ‘Cat’!
    Here, kitty kitty……………………….

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