Without grey 

Inspired by KinkyAcres! :)) who commented yesterday on my post with a phrase: “black and white without grey”. #Simpleone but #goodvibe for Monday!

Black’ and ‘White’ without grey is – “Us”.
‘You’ and ‘Me’ without us is  – “Dead”.

And the colour for ‘Two’?
-Your guess…
Is it colour of “Love”?
-More or less.

Why sometimes all I want is ‘blue’?
Bleeding nails on the wall of the night…
Maybe ‘blue’ is nothing but you,
And the walls will fall down seeing light.

Black’ and ‘white’ without grey is – “You”.
‘White’ and ‘black’ without you is – “One”.

I don’t need tell you that, 
You knew.
-And the next our colour?
-“The Sun”.

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  1. Grey here also! However, looking into the grey sky, you can visualize valley’s of light running through the mountains of clouds. It tells me that the ‘blue’ sky is close.
    Usually, the grey gives me the feeling of “running on empty” (Jackson Browne)

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