The chicken and the egg. The story and the style.

There’s no chicken and there’re no eggs. But…it doesn’t matter, we’ll cook the most yummy omelette here! Right now.


A question:
What is the most important in any literary work -> the story or the writing itself aka ‘style’? What to develop? How?

Example: lets take Murakami today. He says: “I learned that there was no need for a lot of difficult words in the story – I didn’t have to try to impress people with beautiful turns of phrase”.
Too many people (are you one of them?) still believes that long-never-ending-fancy-trendy-fashionable-modish-multicolour-arabesque-extra superior phrases are ‘the deal’ and the real literature. Maybe. Maybe not.
Then how to create your own unique style or how to discover the new one? I don’t know, I guess I’d say – “LET IT FLOW. Let it show/define who you are. If you stop too often and think about each word you type – it is probably wrong kind of writing. Not real. It isn’t YOU anymore. It is YOU who’s creating another YOU”. #justanidea

Murakami said his first novels were written in english, simply because he wasn’t good in it. His ability in english composition didn’t amount much, his vocabulary was limited (syntax as well). He could only write in simple, short sentences…

But the language have to be simple, ideas have to be expressed in easy to understand way. I guess it might look like a bit rough style. But listen to your thoughts…there, in your head. It is rough. There’re no long aaaa-mazing sentences. Theres the ocean of quickly moving, exact, meaningful phrases and images. Emotional? Yes. Mysterious? Yes. Strong? Yes. Dark and light? Yes. Floating? Yes…

Let’s get back to Murakami: he translated his english novel to japanese. And then, only then he discovered IT – his style. The difference between english and japanese were too huge, but in the same time it has given him something totally unique. Some people have said to him later: “Your work has the feel of translation. Its so easy to read”.

Ok, peeps…Im not telling you – you have to write in Swahili first and then translate it in english to get the feeling of the language or to create the new style. But…the idea is cool, isn’t it? haha #dontdoit

“There’s no such thing as a perfect piece of writing. Just as there’s no such thing as a perfect despair”

Next: About the story. How important is it?

What would you like to hear: “Well, the writing was amazing, man, but that story was boring!” OR “The story was enjoyable, but I wish the author were a BIT better writer.”

Seems, to have only ONE strength isn’t enough! The story is definitely important. 

Ok, now omelette ….of course 🙂


I want you to think about your voice. It is unique. Nobody have the voice like you… The same with your own personal style of the writing or your plot/story. Style isn’t a clever sentence or creating a killa-plot line. Its about ‘giving’ your VOICE to your story…


  • my omelette was yummy
  • and the author is the least important thing in the writing :))

Do you agree with me? haha

Answers to my “Riddle-post” from yesterday:

Link to Riddle post

-the key
-mum, dad, sister, brother (4) under the table (you can see their butts) looking for a pin (a pin is on the table. not sure if it called a pin. women knows tho what it is)
– yeah, thats the horrific one. The answer: the brother have to push his sister under the train (yes, i know, i know…btw, the riddle for the kids from 8 to 13. hahaha). Then the train will stop (obviously). The girl will be send to the hospital (where she’ll meet her mother) and the boy will be send to the prison (clearly again), where he’ll meet his father. The end.
– piggy drowning in the lake (you see the nose, right?)
– the bear on the tree (you see his feet only)
– OK. Again. The train. Here you are alone… haha. But hey, you’ve got the stones around you. You will throw it at monkey. Monkey will throw the bananas at you. Smart. Isn’t it? Plus never hungry.

Honestly, I never could get them, the riddles… I think I felt some kind of the anxiety when I was a little girl and saw those drawings. Zero logic in Me 🙂 what about you? 



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  1. Omg I want that meal. This post was enjoyable educational and well written. The author must get out of the way and let it spill as it purs–I made that up two days ago lok–substance over style wins the day. If you can’t connect with the reader no matter how good you write, you’re dead

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  2. I would definitely say that the story is the most important! But… the story comes from the author so how can he/she be the least important thing?? No author no story 🙂

    I am not a big fan of text full of big fancy words. All it does it make me feel stupid as I keep on having to google….

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    • Hahaha not the huge fan of the long fancy words too. About the story – it really depends on what you are writing and why. If to be the best – seller = the story will be your major concern. If to find the readers who value the quality of your language = then the style, structure, creativity of the writing, accuracy etc.. BUT of course! The best books (we call it classics) COMBINE the great story with awesome writing style :)) No author = no story …😂 truth, but it was to make u smile only 😁✌️

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