Russian riddles for kids (logic)

All are from my childhood. They doesn’t exist anymore 🙂 #picturesriddles 
All answers will come tomorrow morning in the new post about…mmmm, its a SECRET :)), but go ahead and try to write your own answers today. The answer is inside of the picture (sometimes).

  • There’s a castle. A beautiful princess is living there. One day she went out for a walk…it was an amazing day and she decided to take a walk to the lake. Then she dropped something in the lake. Ahhhhh…on the picture you can see the castle, her road and lake. 

What was it? What she dropped? 

  • Look at the picture and tell me what is it.


  • Look at the picture. In the middle is a brother and a sister. A boy is on the way to visit his father at the prison, the girl is on the way to visit her mother at the hospital. The problem is only one-> the train, it never stops. I mean it – NEVER. HIGH SPEED. They stuck in the middle of the circle! Question is: what they have to do to get out of the circle? (very typical russian riddle. the answer is horrific. I hope you are ready for that. haha)


  • What is that?


  • Whats is that?  


  • Again the same story. You are inside of the circle. Typical countryside, lots of stones. Theres a train (high fkn speed again) which never stops. Long train! Never ending! But you have to go over to the other side. On the other side – the tree and a monkey. A monkey is eating bananas. The question – how to cross over to the other side to try bananas? You are hungry!!!!Aaaaa



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