A reason to get up in the morning

Curly: Do you know what the secret of life is?
(holds up one finger) THIS.
Mitch: Your finger?
Curly: One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don’t mean shit.
Mitch: But, what is the “One Thing”?
Curly: (smiles) Thats what ‘you’ have to find out….

Welcome to the class, Luke. Nice outfit 🙂 as always. (if you are new here and don’t know who is Luke, click on the link at the end of the post)

Why is so late today? Now we have to ruuuuussshhhh…We are going to Japan. No, not to check the girls at the local pubs.

baby-drinking-gifGirls and pubs are the synonym of the troubles in our dictionary, don’t you remember that?

We’ll look 👀 for your IKIGAI.

Ikigai means ‘a reason to get up in the morning”, or to say it more simply – a reason to enjoy life. Everyone, according to the Japanese, has an IKIGAI. A reason for being in this world/life. Finding it requires a deep and often looooonnggg search of self (in your case translates like – forever). 

Don’t wanna look for any IKIGAI unless it is a hottie in the very short skirt? What did you say? “You like smooth shiny girls, hard-boiled and loaded with sin”? Go to the corner! Nooooowww!!! 


Thats why you are always so grumpy, depressed, bored and scared of every little shadow around you. We have to find IKIGAI, you’ll see – it’ll bring SATISFACTION and meaning to your life (with a zero of crazy hawt troubles on the list). 

We all have different paths to walk. To some – Family is the most important thing in life. To others – Humanity. It can be anything. Maybe – Balancing, or even Justice/making the world a better place/ etc..

What happened, Luke? Feeling anxious because you are already very old dude but still haven’t found any ‘path’ to walk…Stuck in the middle of “Never – The – Right – Time”? Then this part of the lesson is for you. Shut down the tinder, please. You can re-search ‘how to marry the japanese girl …” after the lesson.

Variant 1: One day it will come to you like a freight train, running down, and you wont even see it coming. And you won’t be able to escape it. It will consume you in a way you can’t imagine and everything else will fade away, to the background noise. The cues along the way will lead you to that point without you even realising it. Just let it be. You’ll get there. 

Variant 2: Another way to look at it – is to develop connections which further will connect with all other things, life-forms, planet, the universe and so on and so on. How it works?

The connections that we have are instruments for developing of some sense of fulfillment, and with it – a sense of purpose. You wouldn’t be a human (socially) if someone hadn’t taught you to be a human. The language, culture, ways of thinking, are very much rooted in the connections you have developed from infancy to today. And until death. It’s because of these connections you’ve developed kind of own individual purpose which adds to the greater purpose of the whole life around. I mean, your connections with the ocean, family, music, art and other tangible and non-tangible things are what gives you – > “ikigai”.

What? Already found Ikigai??? LOVE? Why am not surprised? lol

Lesson in BETWEEN for you, Luke:

Love is great between a couple, but you can have a fulfilling and inspired life without it. Love is great between parent and child, but a child can be loved by others and it be enough. Love for your job, friend, neighbour, pet and objects is great, but we can’t expect to be loved back by them. We also need love for ourselves. Love is what inspires us to be more and keep going. Its the basis of compassion and generosity, the cause of great pain and drama, elation and joy. Its selfless and when given freely without expectation makes the world a better place to exist in. But, the LOVE is a single emotion only and isn’t the MEANING of life. Are we clear, Luke?

Whats happening again? New Ikigai? A beer? Ouch, man…the worst is yet to come?! Hopefully, – NOT! Beer is prepared and waiting for you on the planet of Abracadabra! So let’s continue with our lesson…then I’ll send you there! haha (never 😛)

Variant 3: To EVOLVE each day is Ikigai. We are the part of the Dark Matter. We were born and we were transformed=evolved. Like the weather or bonds between lovers -> transformations can never be predicted. All energy transmutes one day or another, in one way or another. Either in its form or composition, or in its position or disposition.(yes, I know it sounds like the-most-boring-bulshitty-algebra, but that’s why it called the school. And yes, I’m the teacher and my duty IS to bullshit you. Deal with it!). All we can do is to let our hearts of stones to be converted into hearts of the light. Evolve every day to become the Light. 

Why so quiet? Can’t choose, Luke? Relax, you still have some time…So, do you wanna be the dude in the glasses or the blond chick? Both? Interesting choice :)) 

Your home-work is to find IKIGAI. See you next week! 🙂
P.S. And no, it doesnt mean to bring a bottle of Japanese 🍻beer or cute panties to the class! Use imagination! 

At the end I’d like to quote Lalah Delia (simply because I like it haha):

“May you reach that level within, where you no longer allow your past or people with toxic intentions to negatively affect or condition you.”

Ps. Be good, Luke…I see you :)) #yourteacher haha

Luke-link for those who never met him


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  1. Ooooh me likey likey a lot big time.. very cool stuff and yeah I will ponder on this.. Btw love the image w the star splattered lovers, ooohhh.. and yeah of course I love the pinup as well.. doh. 😆

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  2. On its XaW FIles fantasy ramble around Europe my greenYgrey found Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy, which seems similar to igikai, in that it stresses the importance of finding a ‘why’ for your life… it was quite a coincidence, as the greenYgrey’s central Y had risen in importance!

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